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400 mg of EPA 300 mg of DHA in Every Capsule!

Sourced from small ocean fish, bio-sustainable.

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Eleven National Institute of Health (NIH) studies prove high potency Omega-3 works wonders for heart and mind!

Dosage Guidelines

Dr. Barry Sears, one of the foremost researchers in Omega-3 effectiveness, states that most Americans need about 4 grams of the active ingredients of EPA and DHA per day to overcome omega-3 deficiency and move towards optimal health.

Caution: In store bought fish oil, you may only get 300mg of EPA/DHA in a 1000mg capsule, whereas True Omega-3® contains more than 700mg of EPA/DHA. We accomplish this with two doses of 3 capsules each, morning and evening for very important reasons. With store bought fish oil, you’d need at least 13 capsules a day. Because True Omega-3 is triple distilled, there is literally no repeating for 99% of consumers. Those who have very sensitive stomachs we have have an enteric coated version.

Vegetarian Omega-3 is composed of ALA not EPA/DHA. The body has to convert ALA into EPA/DHA and most of the benefits are lost in conversion. Stick with clean, bio-sustainable sourced small fish as the optimal source for your Omega-3 needs.