banner-03It’s really tough for me to send out coupons on holidays like Memorial Day where many people couldn’t tell you why we are celebrating the weekend. Is it to announce the beginning of Summer vacation? To announce the opening of the swimming pool?

Truth is men and women warriors have died for our liberty and our way of life.

But we also want to do a good job of helping our customers remember us and our healthful products. We’re sending this out with the hopes that in case you are struggling with finances, we can help alleviate that.

With this in mind, I say, ‘Good Memorial Day Weekend to you!’ Enjoy the Pool Opening. Enjoy the cookout. Just remember to say “thank you.” Tell your kids and your teenagers and your young adult children there is a reason we get to have swimming pools and cookouts. Be nice to the TSA agents at the airport.

What If I gave you $24.95? Stupid Question I know. What if we turned it in to over $50?

Here’s our deal for you!

  • 3 Bottles of True Omega-3 240 (normally $44 each $132) for only $37 each ($111, save $21)
  • Plus a bottle of True Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine ($24.95) for free… That is we’ll pay the $24.95 for you.
  • Save $21 + $24.95 = $45.95
  • Plus we’re giving this on free shipping for just this weekend. Save $6.

Total savings: $51.95 I want this deal!

Save over $50 Today! (Expires Midnight Sunday)

  • Savings on 3 Bottles of True Omega-3: $21.00
  • Savings on True Turmeric: $24.95
  • Savings on Shipping: $6.00

Total Savings $51.95 I want this deal!


This Turmeric is Free. It’s part of the heart health program!

I want this deal!
  • You get 720 capsules of the highly acclaimed True Omega-3 which can last you 3, 4 or even 6 months depending on your dosage use. (And how often you forget to take them.) See dosages on
  • You get to sample the True Turmeric Curcumin anti-inflammatory on our dime.
  • You get free shipping

Just remember to say thank you as you enjoy this holiday. Even if its just a feeling in your heart for the brave ones who gave everything. Tell your kids our country is special.

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