23 dollarsTwenty three dollars is nothing to sneeze at. You can do a bit of stuff with it. You can take a date for a bite to eat. You can have friends over for a BBQ, ok, well maybe you need more than $23 depending on how many friends you have.

The Code for the $23 off is ZJ8WX.

Four crisp Abe Lincoln’s and three George Washington’s are yours. That’s the discount I am offering to you to come over and fill up your kitchen stock of Omega-3, Vitamins, Antioxidants and more.

To add even more value be sure to check out the View Specials Page

Now if you add $23 and $15 together you get $38 and that is how much you can save if you have not already claimed your $15 store credit that awaits you at the new shop.

Where is this new shop and store credit?


You should have an account there already loaded with your name, address, etc. All you have to do is log in. The user name is your email address and the password is temp123. You can change the password at any time.  Here is the log in page: http://shop.optimalhealthbridge.com/login.php

Once you have logged in and you have not yet used your store credit you will see something like this.


The $23 offer is the discount off of $100 worth of purchase. The $15 store credit may be used in conjunction with any coupon you have that works at our store. The Limitations on certain products does not allow us to extend this offer to all products on our site. There are a few products that are owned by other companies that we sell for and we may not discount this much off their products. Our house brands cover most chronic conditions and these discounts are there for you.

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I hope the President is listening.

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