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An Offer You Can’t Refuse…Or Shouldn’t! Limited Time, Limited Quantity!

Hi Folks, 

So you know I am all about baby boomer health. It all started with me and my lousy heart disease diagnosis in 2005. That’s why I have a health business because I needed it and I still need it. I needed the commitment that comes along with the business. 

I want to live a vigorous full life and I bet that maybe, you want the same. 

One of my not so secret secrets is EpiCor. It’s a wonder capsule made from brewer’s yeast that is put through some kind of proprietary metagenic process and out comes a single dose daily capsule that improves NK immunity cells by 60%. I have been taking it myself for six years and selling it to a bunch of really happy people. I really, truly don’t get sick, even when riding on airplanes with people next to me coughing and sneezing.  If you sneeze, I could hand you a tissue, and that would be thoughtful, but if I told about Epi-Cor, that would be better because it deals with a “better future” rather than just mopping up the past. Stick with me. 

So can I give you a bottle of Epi-Cor?  How about four bottles? That is a four month supply. 

I want you to try it for four months. It’s one little capsule a day. The single bottle price is $24.95 so it’s essentially $100 worth of product. Now if I gave these away absolutely for free, the idea then might well be, what costs nothing is worth nothing. I know you wouldn’t feel that way, but I have to tie this No Brainer Offer to something tangible, something real. So here is what I am going to do: (let’s just call it an energy exchange.) 

Buy $100 worth of any other products on my website, like All American Omega-3 or Krill Oil, or Max Prostate Pro, or Hyperlose for High Blood Pressure or Diacetinol for Blood Sugar Control. Order at least $100 worth of products and I will give you the 4 bottles of Epicor with NO CHARGE. *(See instructions below) 

To Flu Shot or Not to Flu Shot? That is the Question.

I haven’t gotten a flu shot in the last 7 years but I don’t get the flu. It’s Epi-Cor and Omega-3 mainly to blame for my improved physical condition! That’s the reason. Many doctors of course will tell you to get the flu shot and if you want to do so, great. But there are the inherent risks and the guessing game to see if they included the right strains of virus. It changes every year. Personally, and this is just me personally, I’d rather go natural. 

I  am not trying to fool you. I want you to go on auto ship continuity for EpiCor after the four month period. I will make it very attractive to do so, but it’s really about your health, getting healthy and staying healthy. You know your health is priceless. (And yes, for everything else, there is Master Card.) 

With my present production capability, I can only offer about 55 people this offer. Buy $100 of any qualifying product *anything on my website*, use the link to add Four Free Bottles of Epi-Cor, Use the ingenious coupon code of “Free Epicor” and $100 will be zeroed out from the shopping cart. 

Of course, I have to tell you about the side effects:

You know how the pharmaceutical companies tell you that you might die if you take their drugs, all those disclaimers?

Well, Epi-Cor,  I have to tell you, might cure your allergies as well. That’s been my experience. I have had a life long allergy to cat dander but not any more, thanks to Epicor.  Most people have this testimonial, “My allergies are gone!” 

Get Healthy! Stay Healthy! 

Get these four bottles for free with any order of $100 or more. See instructions next to the red arrow below. 

Remember the Math! 

I already have over 100 people on subscription for Epi-Cor. I run enough production to bring about 55  new people into the club. Try it free for 4 months. My dime. You get the benefits. I will email you around 110 days from now to see if you want to subscribe to regular delivery. You will not be automatically signed up. You’ve got to want it. And the price will be very attractive to do so. Just remember, it’s your health that is priceless, for everything else there’s…you know. 

Best of health, 

Garey Simmons, Boomer Health Coach

PS Extra Bonus: I am going to make this even better. I will add 4 bottles of Vitamin D3 for free to your order at no additional charge. Many holistic doctors recommend a daily dose of 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 above a flu shot. So you get the 4 bottles of EpiCor and 4 bottles of Vitamin D3 for free when you use the Free Epi-Cor order and coupon below.  (Added Bonus of $23.80, free)


PS Please follow these instructions: 

Instructions to get the four free bottles of Epicor

Follow the Instructions

Along with four free bottles of Vitamin D3. 

  2. Use coupon code FREE EPICOR to Zero out the $100 charge
  3. Add at least $100 of other PRODUCTS TO MAKE THE OFFER VALID. 
    (I recommend one of our Omega-3 products.) 

 If you order the free bottles and do not qualify the order with a minimum of $100 of other products purchased, we will re-send these instructions to your email!  😎

 Hank Frazee and Make A Wish Foundation

Back home after a rather long trip. I met great folks who inspired me. Yes, it was a marketing conference, but let me assure it, the underlying theme was about “Giving”. Folks, we raised several thousands of dollars for the Make a Wish Foundation. For example, when a break was given, say for 20 minutes, the countdown timer on the screen would roll back and if you weren’t in your seat by the allotted time, it was $20 to the Make a Wish Foundation or 20 pushups on the stage. Several people were late after the first break and one guy approached the stage and gave the presenter $100 to cover the 5 people who were late. Cool?  If a cell phone made noise during a presentation, $20 fine. That kind of fun stuff.

One participant had a book that was highlighted from the stage. He was not a presenter but a participant. His book is “Before We Say Goodnight”  by Hank Frazee. You can find it on Amazon or even better go to his website After his book was highlighted to the audience of 350 people, he made a phone call and had 300 books overnighted to the hotel in Mesa. He sold all the books for $20 each and donated half the proceeds to Make a Wish Foundation. I read the book between Dallas and Baltimore. It’s a really great book, a great concept and could radically change your family life. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, in laws or outlaws, buy the book and see what it can do for you!  You see what I mean about giving? This is the type of people, the caliber of people that I really enjoyed on my trip. Some of it must be rubbing off. 

Change Your Posture, Change Your Life. 

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