We are getting ready to turn the page on 2019 and begin anew for 2020. Let’s look at 4 realms:

  1. Physical Realm: If I eat better, move more and sleep better, I can be 10x or maybe 100x better in all aspects of life. 
  2. Emotional Realm: If I put myself in the midst of people I love and who love me and learn from people I admire, I will be better able to be grounded and take care of the people who count on me. Reading books and learning from TED talks qualifies too.  
  3. Creative Realm: If I allow myself to dream creatively, if I commit to paper at least one new idea a day by the end of 2020 I will have thought of 365 new things. Most of them, probably 99% of them may not work out but at least I will have exercised a very important muscle. Who knows but even one of those ideas could mean something to someone somewhere sometime somehow. 
  4. Spiritual Realm: Give and then give some more. Not for the hope of gain but just for the joy of giving. In order to do this freely, space needs to be created. This is done by forgiving. Forgiving myself for dumb stuff I do, forgiving others for dumb stuff they do. Let go of pain, let go of regret, let go of bitterness. 

My Guarantee: This may be a dumb idea and you can throw it away if you want to, but if you practice in these 4 realms, even a little, my thought is you will have more energy to live a more fulfilling and fun life. You might find your blood pressure is lower or you are eating better food and are sleeping better. By the way, tell me by reply email, “What do you do for fun?” I only need minimalist answers, you don’t have to write a book, unless you want to. “I like to sit on a bench in a park and look at the trees swaying.” or “I like to watch …”  Thanks! 

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