1…Mind State, Mind-Body, Mind over Matter. All results come from thought, from setting expectation. The mind is a powerful thing, don’t waste it.  “I think, therefore I am.” Des Cartes.

2…Exercise. The principle signs of life are all expressed by movement. Move your body: walk, work, dance, play, jump rope, row a boat, ride a bicycle. Do something.

3…Diet. Eat right. Not too much, mostly plants. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. You are what you eat.

4…Sleep. Sleep is curative. Sleep is restorative. Sleep is a universal need. If you sleep soundly your body can heal. Bedroom should be dark. No TVs, no radio lights, no blinking electronics. Read, Meditate, Pray before sleep. Mantra: Joy, Strength, Wisdom, Peace.

5…Habits are the programs we run when we are not thinking. Examine your habits, seek to form new habits that are good for you and release habits that are not conducive to the first four elements of energetic health!

Download The Five Elements as a PDF Poster.

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