Kick Start Your Immune System –

1. Leafy Greens. Kale, collards, spinach, turnip greens, mustard greens and Swiss chard. These are all full of high level phyto-nutrients that will serve your immune system well! I use raw kale in my protein shake smoothie. Be sure to wash thoroughly first. 

2. Broccoli. Steam just enough so that the broccoli still has firmness. A little butter doesn’t hurt anything or use lemon juice. Broccoli is full of vitamin C, K, folic acid and carotenoids. 

3. Unsweetened Greek Yogurt. Even the non-fat versions are thick and creamy. Greek yogurt has twice the protein of ordinary yogurt. Add natural berries or banana for breakfast. 

4. Sweet Potatoes. This is a premiere vegetable full of good nutritional value. Unlike white potatoes, sweet potato doesn’t have the high glycemic effect. Use with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg or chili, cumin and paprika.

5. Garbanzo beans. All beans are good. In fact, in the around the world study of populations that have a high percentage of people living healthy lives past 100 years, these centurions all use beans of varying sorts and attribute long life and health to the daily use of beans in the diet. Oh, they don’t watch televsion very much either. Rich in a wide profile of nutrients, seek to incorporate beans, dal, lentils and legumes into at least one meal a day. 

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