Christmas Heart Warming Stories

Nice hats!

I want to start off by telling you that I was pulled over by a state trooper last night. I was dropping my daughter at the airport. She made it through security and was at the gate. It was okay for me to leave. She was flying south to go north. She left Baltimore on a rainy night to go to Montreal but had been cancelled the day before so the only flight she could get on took her to Charlotte before heading north to Montreal. But with fingers crossed that there would be no further cancellations, I left my baby girl in the hands of the Almighty and American Airlines. She made it after midnight.

I signaled and pulled out safely into slow moving traffic. A minute later the police lights were in my rear view mirror and I pulled over.

The officer took his time getting up to my window. I guess he was running my tags. Sure enough, after asking for driver’s license and registration, he informed me that my registration was expired and had been since September.

My license had my old address on it although I had changed my address at the MVA or so I thought I had.

After some more time in his squad car, he returns with some wild accusations they my car was illegally registered and the registration had a different license number. This is getting weird. In light of today’s police community relations, I was rather uncomfortable being yelled at by a state trooper and being questioned loudly about the license plates on my car. I explained that these are my tags and they were transferred from the car I traded in at the dealer and there must be some mistake at the MVA. Just weird.

Then. I am informed that my driver’s license is expired. Yes, I just had a birthday and it was true, the DL was expired by one week!

I wrote down my current address for the officer and pleaded that I had receive no notifications from MVA about either my DL or my registration. These renewals are supposed to come in the mail, or so I thought.

When officer told me to wait some more, I reminded him, “Remember what season this is!” Hoping that somewhere in his regulatory heart, he’d go easy on me with the holidays at hand.

Ten minutes later, I was allowed to drive home with an expired license, three warnings and fine of $70 for driving on an expired license. He reminded me how lucky I am that he didn’t call for my vehicle to be towed. He did his job, and I’ll patriotically go down to MVA on Christmas Eve and try to sort this out with some friendly state government workers.

In other news, my dog had a bad day. He’s 14 years old. He has cataracts and he’s partially deaf. He takes me on walks several times a day, for which I thank him.

He likes to climb a little hill and do his business in the ivy and then scampers back down the hill and we mosey on. Yesterday, rather than ambulating down the hill with care, he must have felt spry and decided to jump back to the asphalt road and landed awkwardly. I think he might have hit his chin on the road too. But like a trooper he limped on, wanting to walk some more. Within a minute his limp was better and seemed fine.

Once I got back from the airport, Muxu wanted to take me on a walk and he got his other front paw stuck in the door as I was opening it! Yelp! We walked in the rain with Muxu’s gait a little awkward, a little slower than usual. It’s going to be a fine Christmas. Nothing else can go wrong, can it?

I think we’ve found the real, true Santa.

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