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I found this FLACO Spanish wine in Annapolis. We celebrated the Ravens MVP with a smooth red Flaco wine.

RECAP ESPN PRICELESS: Tale of Two Superbowls

I predicted a 27-24 win by the Ravens on a clutch kick by Justin Tucker. That Flacco would have a break out day and continue his post-season greatness. I think we got all of that. The 49ers were the better team many analysts said, even the great Jim Brown wanted to pick the Ravens with his heart but decided to go for a 49ers win because that’s what his eyes told him.

The thing we got that wasn’t figured in to all the analysis was an amazing 5 yard line goal stance. I really thought the 49ers had us and Kaepernick was going to scamper into the end zone and Joe Cool would have less than two minutes to regain the lead. That defense was amazing, and we have to thank the refs for letting the boys play football and go head to head in the crucial minutes of the game. I think they didn’t throw the flag on that right corner pass because the holding and the pushing off were offsetting offenses. In any case, we knew the 49ers are a very capable, come from behind team. The Ravens withstood it and stand atop the NFL with an amazing season behind them.

Joe Cool has become a little more expressive and relaxed in his role as team leader. It bodes well for our anticipation for next season! One of my customers from the Bay area responded to my SB prediction, “Don’t you know you have customers in SF too?”

Of course I do. I have all the respect in the world for the 49ers, they are a great team and on paper probably the better team. The difference last night was the edge on playoff experience held by the Ravens in the last five seasons. The 49ers will be back, that’s a fact. But for now, Baltimore and the Ravens have the spotlight.


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