Affiliate Ambassador

Free to join. Referral links provide to share your link to our site. When someone clicks through and orders, your commission of 10% will be added to your account.

This is the perfect starter program for health coaches who do not yet have a large clientele. There are two bonuses. 1. You will earn lifetime commissions. Once a customer orders through your referral link, every time they order, you will earn commissions. 2. If one of your customers becomes an affiliate, you’ll ear override commissions on their sales! Sign up or sign in

Uses the same log is ID as a regular customer. So if you have a log in already, please use it to sign up.

Wholesale Buyers

Wholesale buyers are entitled to deep discount by buying with a minimum of 12 bottles per sku and each order must be $300 or more. This is ideal for professional health coaches who want to keep ready stock for clients. The profit is higher for sales via wholesale.

For example, an Affiliate commission of 10% will add $4.40 to your affiliate account. Buying True Omega-3 240 at $28 a bottle (minimum of 12) will yield at profit of $16.

Wholesale purchases require a separate account and may not use a regular existing account. It will require a separate unregistered email address.

Wholesale Account Registration