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Dear True Omega-3 User,

We are producing our own True Omega-3 soft gel capsules now. It’s taken me several months, more than a year actually, to find the right people that I can do business with andmake a very smart deal!

This is good news for me but it’s also good news for you. Higher Quality and Standardization means more health benefits. “The benefits of omega-3s include reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke while helping to reduce symptoms of hypertension, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), joint pain and other rheumatoid problems, as well as certain skin ailments. Some research has even shown that omega-3s can boost the immune system and help protect us from an array of illnesses including Alzheimer’s disease.” WebMD. Really, it means you get to live a happier, healthier life and you get to enjoy your grandkids more!


In fact True Omega-3 will shortly become True American Omega-3. We are getting Alaskan oils from our 49th state with the oils being processed in Ohio, encapsulated in California, bottled in Georgia and distributed by Optimal Health Bridge out of Baltimore. This is a red, white and blue All American venture!

We can certify and verify the supply chain from source to finish product without having to conduct any business in Norwegian, Spanish or Chinese! Every member of the supply chain has an office and phone number in the USA. This is really great news.

Making our Own Capsules: Now, in order to make our own oils and produce our own capsules, we have to produce a half million at a time. It’s economically unfeasible to produce a smaller amount. So this takes a large investment of capital!

Better Formula: But we control the whole formula! We are producing a 75% Omega-3 with guaranteed 400/300 EPA/DHA benefit in every 1000 mg capsule. Each capsule also has 400 International Units of Vitamin D3, the minimum daily requirement. We are also adding a slight touch of natural lemon oil, for the brief second the capsules sit in your mouth.  Just as a reminder, store bought Omega-3 is usually 30% EPA/DHA, our True American Omega-3 is 75% total Omega-3 and 70% EPA/DHA guaranteed. So there is a stark difference.  I know you have gotten results from our True Omega-3 and you believe in the Omega-3 miracle as I do.  True Omega-3 is a great product, don’t get me wrong, but True American Omega-3 is even better! Yip, yip, View Postyippee! A dream coming true!

Here is a way you can help me and in turn I can help you. If you would be willing to buy a year’s supply of our new True American Omega-3, I can offer you:

  • Premium membership at our site with the most generous discounts on your entire supplement needs. (We will issue you a certificate for $75, $150 or $225 for any purchases you make at our website good for the next year. 
  • Your pre-purchased supply can be sent to you all at once or at intervals that you decide.  You can specify when and how your bottles are delivered to you.
  • Free premiere health coaching:  two sessions tailored around your questions, needs and goals.

Here are the investment levels you can choose:  We need 22 “investors” in all, to step up and help us raise the capital needed for the completion payment. Capsules are already under production with delivery scheduled for the end of August. The new retail price will be $43 for a bottle of 240 soft gels.

Ten spots available ($360 level):

PRE SALE: BUY 12 bottles of True American Omega-3 240 capsules for only $30 each. $360.
Price per capsule: 12.5 cents. Order now. 
Plus get a $100 certificate for shopping for all other products on our website!  

Seven spots available ($678 level): 

PRE SALE: Buy 24 bottles of True American Omega-3 240 capsules for only $28 each. $678
Price per capsule: 11.7 cents. Order now.  
Plus get a  $200 certificate for shopping for all other products on our website!

Five spots available ($936 level):  

PRE SALE: Buy 36 bottles of True American Omega-3 240 capsules for only $ 26 each. $936
Price per capsule: 10.8 cents. Order now.  
Plus get a $300 certificate for shopping for all other products on our website!  

If several family members are taking Omega-3s, this is a great chance to get a premium 75% Omega-3 made in American product for all your family members at an amazing price. 

You can order by clicking on the appropriate link above or you may call me directly at 443-852-1000 and I would be happy to take your order personally. Thank you for your participation in The True American Omega-3 Project.

Warm regards,





Garey Simmons
Certified Holistic Health Coach, 443-852-1000

PS We support the Wounded Warrior Project.org with a percentage of monthly revenue. We also support St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. We want to make sure you know your support of our company’s products is directly benefitting our soldiers and neediest children. 

PPS We will start delivery near the end of August or early September. 

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