As of February 2011, we no longer carry the Res-Q 1250 brand of Omega-3′s and other Res-Q brand Supplements at Optimal Health. 

N3 Oceanic Inc., the owners of the Registered TM “Res-Q” brand products, made the business decision to rework the way they do business and restrict the sale of Res-Q brand products. They have restricted the sale of their products exclusively to themselves as the owners of the trademark and their manufacture is outsourced to contract manufacturers.

Only two “resellers” chose to abandon all interest in other health solutions and offer ONLY the Res-Q brand of nutritional supplements and no other. Incredibly, the resellers are obligated to sell at a much higher price than N3 Inc is willing to sell thus undercutting their own resellers.

We were not willing to comply with their guidelines. It would not have been in our best interest or your best interest to continue in a reseller capacity. We no longer qualify to be an authorized Res-Q retailer.

We do not agree that their brand should be the ONLY brand of Omega-3 products made available to the consumer as N3 Inc (Res-Q) would require of us to continue selling their brand. We know you may have relied on us in the past to supply you withRes-Q brand products and would like to assist you in selecting comparable or even superior items. Here you will find a selection of recommended comparable items to the Res-Q brand products that we believe are equivalent to the ingredients, quality and value you will find in the Res-Q items you may have ordered from us in the past.

Res-Q’s claims of the most pure, most potent, pharmaceutical grade products can be easily challenged. While the historical value of Ted Shields work in the Omega-3 arena is undeniable, today there are less expensive and equally as pure, potent and beneficial Omega-3 Supplements available.

At we are committed to sourcing and offering the best choices to you.

If you have additional questions regarding any of these items please contact me personally.

We thank you for your continued loyalty to the Optimal Health style of customer centric business and look forward to being able to continue to provide you with products that satisfy all of your health and wellness needs.

Garey Simmons

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