Flu Shots Only Good for Big Business 

A new study shows that flu shots don’t work nearly as well as experts think they do.

Researchers now think they only work for about 60 percent of people. That makes them about 30 percent less effective than previously thought.

Newspapers have picked up on this finding and are saying flu shots aren’t effective enough.

But the real story isn’t that flu shots aren’t effective enough…but that they’re not effective at all.

As we’ve told you before, flu shots are virtually useless. And a deeper review of this new study proves it.

That’s because buried within the study is another finding. And that finding shows that flu shots only help about one person out of every 100 who take them.

So how can one study show two radically different findings – and both are considered accurate?

Dr. Nortin Hadler says it all comes down to manipulating your results to get the headline you want. He’s taught at the University of North Carolina for over 25 years and is member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation. He studied at Yale and got his MD from Harvard.

“The use of medicalese is inexcusable,” says Dr. Hadler. He says it’s a “reprehensible” way of “torturing scientific data and massaging statistical analyses” to protect or promote pharmaceutical drugs.


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