Waiting for the dental hygienist to call me.

I recently upgraded my ‘smart’ phone and
thought I could try sending an email from
the waiting room.

The reason I am at this particular office even
thought its not covered under my dental plan,
is simple.

Some years ago, I was scheduled to have gum
surgery. It’s really hard to admit that I had
gum disease. It was even harder to find a
periodontist that I liked!

So I was scheduled and when the day came
I remembered that one of my holistic mentors
had interviewed a holistic dentist on the
radio previously. So I called Brian Saneroff
and he gave me the name of Dr. Michael Baylin.

Oddly enough, he doesn’t have a website but
you can find him in the yellow pages. (old school)

Instead of going to the surgery appt. I cancelled
and Dr. Baylin’s office took me the same day.

He had this hygienist work me over with a
very aggressive deep cleaning and then sold me a
machine that I still use daily. It’s called a HydroFloss.

I am sure you can find it on Amazon or at

(I have a code to get you a discount from the 
manufacturer: 121455 – that code will save you
some money! 800-635-3594 you can mention
Optimal Health Bridge as your referring care giver!) 

It’s a fancy water pik of sorts but better because it
sends the water through a oscillating magnetic
field and that does something to the water apparently.

I also was told to add hydrogen peroxide to the water.
Extra cleansing power. Anyway, I never needed the
surgery and for that I am very, very grateful.

I guess the lesson is to always check for holistic and
practical solutions to health problems.

That’s it from the smart phone.


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