Gratitude has its own sort of magic. It’s a mind state thing. If you are happy, then its easy to be grateful. If you are less than happy, you’re bummed or feeling down, then remembering what you have to be grateful for can put a spring back into your step. 

It’s in our own self-interest to take time each day to feel gratitude. It makes us better people, easier to get along with. By practicing gratitude it gives us the power to withstand negativity. It’s the antidote to anger, envy, bitterness and many other negative emotions that try to overpower us. 

We lift weights to build muscle. We run or walk briskly to build up our endurance. Exercising via the practice of gratitude gives us the key to getting through tough times. Gratitude literally dissolves negative feelings. 

Forgiveness heals old wounds. 

Compassion leads us to care for others. 

Gratitude sometimes helps us see the world in a better light. 

Recently, a friend had a sick two year old. Bad cold. It’s tough on the child and tough on the parents. Running nose, coughing, not enough sleep. But did you know there is a reason kids get sick? The thymus gland produces T-cells to help the immune system fight disease. However, it only works until the age of puberty. Whatever T-cells you have in your body were produced before puberty. So when a child is sick, just realize that the thymus is being exercised to produce more T-cells and you need some sickness to build up resistance. This is resistance you’ll rely on for the rest of your life. So there is something to be grateful for even in sickness. 

We learn lessons and we become better people. 

Think of a person you can thank today for what they do for you. They’ll feel it and you’ll feel it too. 

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