Let me be straight with you: When you get older your goals change. Kids weddings and graduations are what you look forward to! Unless you are too busy going to the doctors all the time.
Are you a baby boomer who is starting to wake up to the fact that you aren’t 40 any more? Have you had your wake up call yet? Have you been advised to  have surgery or are you on one or more prescription drugs?

Do you see what your parents are going through as seniors or maybe they have already gone through it? Maybe they are no longer here to warn you except in your dreams?

My mom is only 19 years older than me…It feels like a short fuse on a time bomb,  or do I have time to make some changes and can I beat my genetic fate?

The answer is YES, there is time if you are willing to take action today:

  1. First, you have got to take Omega-3s Daily: The American Heart Association says, “Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of — or who have — cardiovascular disease. Research has shown that omega-3 fatty acids decrease risk of arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats), which can lead to sudden death.  Omega-3 fatty acids also decrease triglyceride levels, slow growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque, and lower blood pressure (slightly)”  There are Six Major Areas of improvement from a daily regimen, plus 10 Benefits that we often miss but really need…

The six major areas of health improvement from using a high potency omega-3 daily are:

  • Improvement to Cardiovascular Health
  • Improvement for Brain health and structural support, dementia prevention
  • Improvement to problems with inflammation both in the joints and in the arteries
  • Improvement to the Cholesterol Lipid Balance / has to be taken at the right times
  • Improvement to the Immunity System
  • Improvement to Metabolism

The ten benefits of taking Omega-3 daily:

  • Brain health and support for structural integrity of brain cells and communication between cells
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Heart attack prevention
  • Stroke prevention
  • Joint health improvement
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory in a time when inflammation is now known to be the pre-cursor to all disease.
  • Helps to end Metabolic syndrome
  • Supplementation enables a patient not to have to eat fish and promotes a pure product that will not harm
  • Enables those post stroke or post cardio incident to recover quickly
  1. Most Neglected Heart Health Supplements – Fiber, Vitamin D3, Ubiquinol CoQ10

These 3 supplements and a few others can make major improvement to the holistic approach to health. Everything in the body is related to everything else going on in the body. These are not separate systems that are disconnected… If you have any risk at all of heart problems, you’ll want to take Vitamin D3 daily – you should be getting 30 to 40 grams of Fiber daily and if you are over 40, you should be enabling your muscle strength with Ubiquinol CoQ10 specifically to aid in muscle energy creation. This is true of everyone in the aging process but if you have been prescribed statins or one of any number of over 150 drugs, it’s doubly true…These prescription drugs are basically cutting off your nose to spite your face…

  1. Why Digestive Health affects ALL Health

The way we sustain our bodies is by taking in material from the outside world and ingesting. Even breathing is a part of this system… how you breathe will affect your digestion. How much fluids your take in and how clean the food is that you consume… If you are over 50, you should be using an inexpensive digestive enzyme supplement and a probiotic to ensure the process. How you eat whether consciously or unconsciously, with intention or with distraction also makes a big difference in the level of health you enjoy.

  1. Blood sugar – Diabetes risks: neuropathy, heart disease

Controlling blood sugar is so important as more and more of our food supply is coming out of a factory. The movement away from fats in the 1980s set us up for more problems than you can imagine… when you take fat out of food it is replaced with sugar and salt in order to make it taste good enough that we want to eat it… This has increased our consumption of sugar 20 fold in the last 50 years. In the mid 1800s on average Americans consumed about 4 lbs of sugar in a year. Now we consume on average 160 lbs, because it’s in everything… Sugar is a poison that is highly addictive and is now creating diabetics by thousands daily…

You may find this hard to believe but the sugar lobby bought and paid for the Harvard research studies that absolves sugar and places all the blame on fats… Your brain and mine is 60% fats… sugar is a destroyer and healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega-9 are needed for fundamental brain support. Too much sugar, more than 5 grams a day is bad for you… 12 fluid ounzes of Coke contains 38 grams…All processed foods contain sugar in some form and this is where we Americans can get into so much trouble.

The outcome of this huge increase in sugar consumption is heightened risk factors for heart disease and an increase in neuropathy in our senior population. Neuropathy is the eviscerating of nerves due to a severe decrease in blood flow to the extremities. This is a subtle but unmistakable trend that can be reversed by diet changes, supplements and lifestyle.

  1. Inexpensive Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs that Make a HUGE Difference

There are a handful of vitamins that you can use on a daily basis that will make a tremendous difference in the quality of life, namely Vitamin C, Brewer’s Yeast (Specialized), Vitamin K2, Niacin, certain B vitamins, etc.

  1. For Men over 50 – addressing testosterone and prostate health

Prostate cancer is a certainty if you live long enough, if you are not taking a prostate center nutrient. Lack of vigor as men age is another problem that is easily dealt with through supplementation.

  1. Women’s Health – Menopause and UTI solutions

The two issues that need to be talked about are pre and post-menopausal symptoms and Urinary Track Infections… Both of these have simple dietary supplement solutions…

Own The Morning: One way to get a hold of the things one needs to do to stay healthy, is what I call Own the Morning! Take all those absolute “need to dos” and do them first… that includes the gym, exercise, getting that first dose of supplements (that are better called ‘replenishments’ because as a baby boomer, I can guarantee you that you are NOT getting everything you need from what you eat…) in the morning before breakfast, then you’ll be off to a good start for the day…Do the hard stuff first and the rest of the day becomes easy…

Navy Seals and Delta Force Operators can do near impossible tasks because they have a regimen and they train, and they train and they train… once deployed the training is so ingrained that the difficult is done easily and the impossible just takes a little longer. We don’t need to be in that level of fitness to survive our sixties and seventies but we can respect the process and just a small amount of regimen and discipline becomes exponentially powerful…

  • Did you know that I don’t charge for coaching or advice on what kind of regimen you should be on… if you want to talk it over just fill out this questionnaire… – I’ll read it over and call you back.

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