Garey Simmons, author of three books on health coaching, is promoting the cornerstone of human health: a high potency, highly purified Omega-3 product. Each bottle contains 240 capsules and you can buy 3 bottles for a savings of $57 and get free shipping to boot.

This is great for Res-Q 1250 customers too. It’s the same potency as Res-Q 1250 and saves just as much if not more money because we pack 240 capsules instead of only 200. And they are easier to swallow.

First, I am going to assume that you believe as I do that Omega-3 is not just important to heart health but is also a necessity. It’s not good to have, it’s imperative. You need it daily, just like breathing, you just can’t quit.

Here’s the math:

  • Res-Q 1250: $56 for 200 capsules x 3 = $168 plus shipping $7.95, let’s call it $176 (600 Capsules in total)
  • True Omega-3: $42 for 240 capsules x 3 = $126 plus shipping $5.95, let’s call it $132… But let me make it a deal you can’t refuse like the Godfather said.

How about $99 and free shipping, an extra savings of $32 over the regular price but $77 savings over Res-Q. The caveat is that you’ll be getting free enrollment in the continuity program, every 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 months, however long the 3 bottles will last you.

Click here and choose Auto Ship selection and your cycle, get the $99 price plus free shipping. Everyone who signs up for this deal today gets:

  • One free coaching call with me…
  • A $15 credit for your next order for any other products.

Can’t go wrong with this and I will guarantee you, you will love this product as much as I do.

Call me if you have questions:

Garey 877.572.3444



Res-Q 1250
3 Bottles – Total 600 Caps
only $168

true omega-3

True Omega-3 240 Capsules
3 Bottles – Total 720 Caps
only $99

I'll take the 3 bottles of True omega-3 240 for only $99

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