Basic health is a gift. Continued good health has to be earned. Getting started is the hardest part, so let’s make it easier for our friends and loved ones.

Basic Health Gift Packs

There are several holidays coming up. “‘Tis the season…” These are all big holidays in my book. These are chances or opportunities to do some good for your loved ones.

  • Veterans Day – November 11
  • Thanksgiving – November 22
  • Chanukah December 8-16     
  • Christmas – December 25

I’ve put together a Basic Health Gift Pack for you to give to your friends and loved ones. It’s not only inexpensive but it’s convenient too.

The Basic Health Gift Pack contains:

  • 1 All American Omega-3 (60) – Everyone needs Omega-3s everyday. So says the American Heart Association.
  • 1 True Vitality Plant Based Multi Vitamins (90) – Plant based vitamins are more readily absorbed and these micronutrients go a long way in mitigating any definiciencies in the diet.
  • 1 Epicor Immune Support (30) – This amazing immune support capsule improved the ability of your immune system to withstand colds, flus and even remedies many allergies.
  • Certificate for one hour of free health coaching valued at $50.
  • 1 Seven Day EZ Push Button Pill Case – You need something to organize your new lifestyle!

At the basic level, these three supplements can make a big impact in a person’s life. Maybe you have someone who hasn’t started to think about improving their health. At least it would be a conversation starter.

At retail this would be about $72 of supplemental health value but I want you to give these out wholesale this holiday season, so I am going to give you the absolute rock bottom wholesale price of $36 a pack.

FREE COACHING: Along with the Basic Health Pack, I will include details of how your Basic Health Pack gift recipient can get a free one hour health coaching appointment to get any questions answered regarding their diet, lifestyle issues, fitness level etc. If you add the one hour of professional coaching at the meager rate of $50, this becomes a $122 value for a mere $36. If you buy 3 packs, the price further reduces to $99 for 3 of the Basic Health Packs.

Gift Packaging: I am on the hunt for an inexpensive way to package these Basic Gift Packs for you but no promises yet. I’ve ordered some samples. If I can, I will do something to make it easy for you to give these out. (Like a decorative box or something. Maybe a ribbon? I don’t know. Open for suggestions!)

Here’s the one hoop you have to jump through: The retail price for the Basic Health Gift Pack is $72. Use the coupon BASIC HEALTH, those two words go in the coupon box at check out and the price will reduce to $36 for one pack and $99 for three packs.Coupon Code: BASIC HEALTH

You’ve been my client for awhile if you are getting this missive. I hope I have helped you to stay healthy and feel better. If I have, I am happy. Now, all I ask if that you give the Gift of BASIC HEALTH to someone you love and care about.



I will make at least 100 Gift Packs, but I hope the idea catches on and I get 500 orders this gift giving season! Let’s help our friends and loved ones get healthy.

Be well,

Garey Simmons, CHC

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