On Saturday morning I awoke and went to my office on the way to the kitchen. These balloons were floating over my desk. My daughter Katrina made this happen for me.

Saturday was an amazing day. I spent the day at a business event, then had a lovely dinner with my best friend. Throughout the day I was getting phone calls, voice messages, and greetings on Facebook. I appreciate everyone of them.

The day before, I visited my sister-in-law in the hospital and shared good memories from former times.

There is plenty of bad things in the world and the 24 hour news cycle ensures that we are never uninformed of terrorist activities and atrocities.

The famous Mr. Rogers wrote that his mother taught him when he was a child that when you hear about bad things, you should always look for the helpers. There are always helpers on the scene, the brave, the courageous, the heroes that engender hope and bring the light of love and assistance to those in need.

So when we hear of bad things, let’s resolve to be helpers, let’s be there for those who need us in the hour of need.

Again, thanks for the heartfelt greetings. Be strong and of good courage. And look to see where the helpers are and when called upon, be a helper for another.

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