Being in pain sucks. It seems once something starts breaking down in the body’s system, it can lead to a series of breakdowns. I know car mechanics have changed but it used to be on a ten year old car, once you change the alternator then the starter would go.

I had worrisome neurological problems in 2014 until I got scabies. Alright, that sounds really, really weird. Here I am admitting to a pretty awful nightmare. But it only gets worse. It wasn’t the first time for me. You see, I was a missionary in India for a dozen years and I had been “victimized” by these bone breaking little beasts in the late 80’s. Once I got properly diagnosed by an Algerian doctor of dermatology who was in a wheel chair due to meningitis, the neurological problems went away. Weird. How did I get these vermin? My son brought them back from Greece. They are actually quite common in the USA. Also common is Lyme disease, carried by the nearly microscopic deer tick. I live within the city limits of  Baltimore and there’s hardly a day that goes by that I don’t see a herd walk past while I am walking my dog.

This past month, one fine Monday morning, I woke up with ‘burning toe.’


My dad had it bad but he also had a bleak personal lifestyle with lots of alcohol and tobacco use. I have been living clean comparatively for at least some decades and wasn’t expecting high uric acid levels.

High uric acid can lead to two conditions: gout and/or kidney stones.

My lack of kidney stones makes me in a weird way thankful that I have gout.

I used to read about these 300 lb NFL defensive and offensive line players going on the disabled list due to turf toe. I’d kinda laugh about these huge, strong men being taken out of the game and missing games because of toe injury. Such a tiny part of the body but without the use of which, we are hobbled.

But having been hobbled by a burning big toe, I am much more conscious and aware what an amazing invention the big toe is…Without a useful big toe, you just can’t walk normally. You’ll do anything not to put weight on that toe. So you limp, which throws your back out. And on it goes, next is the neck because you’re back is out.

Whew. When and where does it end?

Before the gout flare up (or is it flair up, I can’t remember) I was having knee pain. Once the toe started burning, either I was so totally distracted from my knees or they got better. I don’t know which.

I researched thoroughly and found a supplement Inflamazol that is a combination of all the natural remedies for high uric acid. Tart cherries, celery seed, piedra chakra, and so on.

I also bought fresh and frozen cherries and tart dried cherries. I made my daily nutritional protein smoothie with all varieties. And I tried to drink more water.

My 3 weeks of gout are coming to an end. I can wiggle my toes pretty good now. It’s the early morning test before I get out of bed… wiggle, wiggle, okay, let’s give it a try. Yesterday it was a swim at the gym, today or tomorrow we’ll test the toe on the NCR trail and see how riding a bike feels.

My lesson is to hold in gratitude every toe on both my feet. Every organ in my body even if it’s only a 6 inch long thin pancreas or a 4 inch long kidney.

So much of our health lies in the autonomic nervous system which for the most part unconscious. The past week Dr. Wayne Dyer died rather suddenly from a heart attack. Age 75. Books written 27, I think. Over 150,000,000 books sold. He believed you could cure cancer by intention. I know for a while there I didn’t like my left big toe very much. (But I really liked my right big toe.) I tend to believe in intention and I also believe in Inspiration (Maybe one of Dyer’s best books, “Inspiration.” …”The Power of Intention” was very difficult for me to get through.)

Before I forget, I am testing a new style of “sales” page for a particular purpose. So I made two of these so far.

The first page is our Super Duper True Omega-3

And the second page our Anti Kidney Stone page.

If you have a couple minutes and wish to comment, on the design, the ease of use, the weirdness, (this is the 3rd or 4th time I have used the word weird in this single email. Sorry I guess it’s just been one of those weird Labor Day weekends. Oh gosh, not again…) I better close here and prep my toe for a wonderful weekend walk in nature…)

Over and out.

My name is Garey Simmons and you can write to me at

Arms extended in a metaphysical embrace…. Gosh durn it…. I gotta stop this madness.

Til next time.

Your partner in solving health challenges,

Garey Simmons

PS. The NFL starts in earnest this Thursday with none other than “Pretty Boy Tom Brady.” The lesson to your grandchildren is what? It’s okay to cheat as long as you got enough money to litigate, judge shop and are willing to be narcissistic.  On that bright and cheery note, let the games begin!

PPS… Listen to these kids- Youtube –

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