ATTENTION Optimal Health Bridge Customers.

I am going to talk to you as a “businessman” and I am going to speak to you as a “coach.”

In order for a business to work the number one rule is that you’ve got to be able to solve a problem not just for yourself but for many people.

I think with 40,000 sales we’ve proven we can accomplish that. I won’t include the many testimonials we get in here. If it works for you, you know it.

THIS coincides with what a passionate coach wants to do, help clients solve their problems.

So far so good.

Now the way for a client to be successful with nutraceuticals and dietary supplements is that you have to remember to take them, duh…

Quite often a client will buy 6 or 12 bottles of Tru Omega-3 and while I love the cash flow from the sale, I probably won’t see that customer again for 6 – 12 months. How can I be sure he’s doing his job of actually remembering to take his/her supplements? Well, the answer is I can’t.

Back in my missionary days, we use to say, “If you are standing in the garage, it doesn’t make you a car. And if you stand in a church it doesn’t make you a Christian.”

Having Tru Omega-3 in your kitchen pantry doesn’t make you heart healthy. You actually have to do something with them — like take them every day.

This is why I am so big on our AUTO DELIVERY program. Right now, 160 people have auto delivery sequences set up and are receiving their monthly or quarterly shipments like clock work. The only requirement is that your card stays valid. And if it goes out of date the system sends you an email with a link to click on to update the expiry or whatever. Of course you can call toll free and we’ll get back to you to fix it and say hi. Marci is exceptionally nice in doing this.

Some people have been on auto ship delivery since 2006 – that a lot of years! I marvel when I see the packing slips that says Recurring order # 107. That’s commitment!

Anyway, here’s my illumination: Anyone who subscribes to our Auto Delivery program is VIP, a Very Important Person to our business. The Auto delivery program keeps running whether we market for new prospects or not. Truly, I must tell you, without the Auto Delivery program we may not have made it through the transition back in 2011. If you have been around since the mid 2000s then you’ll remember the craziness.

So, I am adding BENEFITS to the Auto Delivery Program: Starting with the TRU VIP DISCOUNT CARD. By being a Auto Ship member you will be issued a card that grants you a 25% discount off of any other Optimal Health Bridge labelled products from our shopping site.

This website has a membership database and you are already in it. Your email address is your login and your password is temp123 until you change it.

In the next few weeks we are going to be issuing the Tru VIP Membership cards to all of you on auto ship. Then, for new people joining an auto ship program either monthly or quarterly, once they have completed two cycles they will be mailed out their card.

I am also toying with a print newsletter monthly. Some of you may have gotten advanced copies a few months back, but honestly I didn’t know how to garner the list of people to send it to. I can’t reasonably send it to 1000s right now, it’s a bit cost prohibitive but certainly the loyal Auto Delivery VIP, are very important and deserve a monthly print copy.

So there are two benefits besides the obvious benefit of being on auto delivery and the convenience and reminders it brings.

If you are not on auto ship right now, you can sign up for my latest program which starts you off with 60 capsules of Tru Omega-3 for a mere $3.65 (yes, we lose money on this). It’s a ten day supply because most of you should take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. ten day supply.

Then on the 11th day, a full bottle of Tru Omega-3 is sent out auto delivery VIP style with 240 capsules and divide that by 6, the daily dose, you will see that it lasts 40 days. The cost is $39 every 40 days or $0.97 a day. You tell me as you are standing in line at the supermarket what you can buy for $0.97? Nothing! That’s what!

Then the cycle repeats, every 40 days. Remember: Shampoo, rinse, repeat?

Then after a few weeks you can start buying ANYTHING you want from our site that bears the Optimal Health Brand (there are over 50 items) and receive a fantabulous discount of 25%! This beats the evergreen discounts by miles.

So VIP auto delivery is the key that unlocks the door to whatever you need. There will be other benefits announced as well, I am sure, as soon as I think of them. If you have an idea, just shout it out in an email. I am listening and awaiting your ideas!

Alright, so now you are wondering how to sign up for an auto ship.

It’s pretty dang simple: Go to home page. You can click on Home in the above menu.

Scroll down the page to see all the auto delivery options. If you want the new program of Tru Omega-3 starting at $3.65 then just click here:

You can call me directly on my cell if you have a burning question or call toll free 877-572-3444, the operator will connect you. If they can’t (like I am driving, they will give me the call back info and I;ll get back to you speedily.)

PS Our auto delivery system works with credit cards only, however if you don’t have a credit card for any reason, I know some people freeze them in the freezer and others cut them up, and you still want to go on auto ship we can set up a recurring PayPal order for you. it takes a little work but Marci doesn’t mind!

Be well, stay healthy, remember to breathe deeply!

Garey Simmons

Chief Health Coach at Optimal Health Bridge, USA

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