Sponsored by the U of M School of Integrative Medicine – Keynote by Dr. Mark Hyman

The Blood Sugar Solution: The UltraHealthy Program for Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Feeling Great Now!

Yesterday, I met Dr. Mark Hyman in Baltimore. He was the keynote speaker at the University of Maryland’s Conference on Health and Wellness 2013 sponsored by the UMM School of Integrative Medicine.

I have heard Dr. Hyman before, but I have to say, this family practice doctor is on the cutting edge of mark-hymana very large vision of bringing practical solutions to everyday folks, solving the problems of chronic illness in their communities and by working in their kitchens.

What Dr. Hyman shared with us, in a rapid fire fashion, was inspirational, educational, intensely practical, believable, doable and actually very, very simple.

Here are some of the topics he spoke about:

  • Math problem: Q: John has 32 candy bars. He eats 28. What’s he got left? A: Diabesity.
  • Mirror test: lift up your shirt in front of a mirror and jump up and down. Does it jiggle?
  • USA 17th in a list of 17 developed nations in heath metrics.
  • Huge costs of poor health care in America. Focusing on symptoms not causes. Asking the wrong questions.
  • Teen age diabetes in US and China.
  • Women in NZ addicted to coca-cola drank 2 gallons a day, dies of liver failure.
  • Senator Mikulsi shared with Dr. Hyman about reforms in the medical system, reforms, financing, insurances. It’s like rearranging the decks chairs on the Titanic. Will that really help?
  • Functional Medicine, treat the causes not the symptoms.
  • Food is more than energy.
  • Food regulates biology.
  • Nutrigenomics influences genetic code.
  • Broccoli contains micro RNA that upon ingestion communicates with our RNA to influence DNA. What do they talk about?
  • Indigenous peoples can be made sick in less than a generation by going to modern foods. It takes 7 weeks to reverse the chronic disease effects when going back to the indigenous, hunter-gatherer ways.
  • Create health, disease goes away.
  • Lifestyle is an ecosystem. Everything is connected.
  • It’s not medical it’s social.
  • Nigel Crisp: Put Community at the Center
  • Best way to move forward is people helping people. Limited training of lay persons using nutrition and fitness accountability circles, results better than doctors working with drugs.
  • Sociogenomics: “I”llness or “We”llness?

These were some of the topics covered in the first 15 minutes. Do you want to hear more?

  • The Power of Nutrition
  • Gluten
  • Broccolli
  • Rules for discerning packaged ingredients. (Don’t eat anything with more than 5 ingredients. If you don’t know what it is best not to eat it.)
  • In Haiti, US Army’s MREs (Army wife suggested it stood for Meals Refused by Ethiopians – the chicken MRE had hundreds of ingredients, all chemical, mostly synthetic.)
  • Junk Food – Frankenfood
  • MSG induces obesity
  • Sugar is a drug, it is addictive
  • HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup is ubiquitous in processed foods.
  • Prego Tomato Sauce more sugar than Oreos.
  • Artificial Sweeteners stimulate diabetes
  • Americans consume on average 130 lbs of white sugar and 130 lbs of white flour a year.
  • False theory of personal responsibility = Processed Foods Lobby.
  • All calories are not equal. To offset the effects of 1 McD’s meal, run four miles. Eat one meal a day of junk food, you need to run a marathon each week.
  • How to Reset Hormones
  • Get an Oil Change (Fish oil, avocado, walnuts, almonds, flax and chia seeds, olive oil – good fats.)
  • Good proteins.
  • Mark Bittman’s example of a family of four eating  fast food vs cooking at home. Much cheaper and much healthier to eat at home.
  • Essential Supplements (Fish oil, Vitamin D, Multi – vitamins)
  • Health is a team sport. You need to work in tandem with others. Family, friends.
  • We have to cook our way out of this mess.
  • The New Wonder Drug: … Food.
  • Let they medicine be thy food and thy food thy medicine.

Do you want to hear more of the topics covered?

  • Pharmaceuticals treating diabetes causes heart disease. Drugs treating heart disease leads to diabetes.
  • Avandia, drug for diabetes, led to 200,000 deaths from heart disease before it was taken off the market.
  • Statin drugs over prescribed for heart disease can lead to diabetes. Now they want to put statins in the junk food or in the water because kids are now showing up with heart disease from eating junk food.
  • You have to treat 800 people with statins to save 1 life. You could save 800 by teaching people how to cook and eat food. Functional medicine is food.
  • Depression has 100 causes but it is not a prozac deficiency.
  • Gluten can lead to depression, Omega-3 deficiency can lead to depression. Sugar can lead to depression.

But wait there’s more:

  • Pastor Rick Warren loses 60 lbs with Dr. Hyman’s guidance.
  • Wellness program through churches introduced – 3,000 people expected, 17,000 showed up.
  • The Daniel Project
  • A quarter of a million pounds lost in one (very large) congregation.
  • Rwanda: Hospitals: 5, health centers: 100 and churches: 1000s. Local community groups hold the answers.

Well, there is yet more. I want to go in depth on some of the above topics in later blog updates.

For now, get ahead of the game of health, buy Dr. Hyman’s book. I did.




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