Hi – Everyone seems to be having too much time on their hands. It’s a part of being in lock down. Understood. But here’s an idea.

Make a List:

Make a list of people that have meaning to you in any way, shape or form. Seek those people out with a message of thanks or gratitude. 

Express Gratitude:

Gratitude is an attitude that spawns healing and good health. I know this sounds strange but gratitude can go a long way in helping you to feel better. It’s humanly impossible to be complaining and grumpy if you are thanking someone for a kindness they did. 

Text, Message or Phone a Friend and Say Hi:

So make a list and look those folks up on facebook or check in your email contact. Who knows, maybe you can use that “phone” to phone a friend. I noticed I am getting more phone calls now, that people have time on their hands. 


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