Who is the real Super Hero in the Bourne Legacy?

I went to see Bourne No. 4. I am a bit of a super hero junkie. I guess most nerdy types are. 😎 After all, I learned to read because of the allure of Superman, Batman, Legion of Super Heroes, Tom Swift, Tom Corbett, Sgt Fury and the Howling Commandos most notably. Sgt Fury was the blood and guts super hero that could make “mince meat” out of Nazis with one arm tied behind his back, blind-folded.

Bourne Legacy lives up to the hype. But after unscrewing my knees and relaxing my clenched fists after the final scene, I had some questions.

Primarily, who was the Super Hero of the story? It wasn’t Aaron Cross, No. 5 in the Treadstone, Blackbriar, Outcome Projects. He was a rope a dope soldier with an IQ of 85 when he joined the army. It wasn’t the good looking lady doctor who was doing all the genetic mutation research. It certainly wasn’t the shadowy government black ops guys. Definitely not the Super Pharmaceutical company making the “chems”.

But, the blue pill and the green pill. Hmmm, could it be? Now we may have something. Here the story portrays what most of us tend to believe already: The magic is in the pill. A pill for every ill. The green pills give you a 1.5% improvement in reaction time, muscle tension, strength, enough to make a difference in any fair fight with a wolf. But the blue pill! The blue pill gives you “smarts.” The blue pill adds cunning and super spy agility to evade and detect any false movement within miles. You can feel the air change before you hear the incoming drone when it’s a hundred miles away.

In fact, the movie plays to this very innate belief we Americans have that the answer to all our troubles lie in the pills we take.

The link between doctors and pharmaceutical companies is well documented. My nurse practitioner constantly answers every question with what’s allowed and not allowed by insurance companies. You present with a symptom, the Bible of the pharmaceutical industry is the only answer that is tolerated by insurance companies.

As a health coach and nutrition student I know that there is more, a lot more to the story. I commend all the positive research that is being done within the framework of modern medicine. I know lives are saved and extended in acute and emergency situations. I don’t doubt, given enough time, and enough funding, some scientists will come up with a blue pill and green pill. The question is will it create super men and women or the Frankenstein super soldiers who can reach through any pain to kill their programmable targets?

I know I am ultimately responsible for my own health and I offer you a free guide to The Four Pillars of Human Health. It’s free for you to download. I do ask if you are able, to donate $5, $10 or $15 for the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that actually does a lot of good for those who lose body parts and their mental edge in their service for our country. If you donate through this medium we will match your contribution to the foundation.(It’s completely voluntary, the guide is yours for free.)

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