Calamarine brings you earth friendly ecological friendly products to make life better for humans and the planet. Calamarine as the name implies is expressed from the Calamari table food industry. Calamari is naturally higher in DHA and therefore recommended by Dr. Steven Sinatra and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

This really works if you are looking for a high DHA Omega-3 product! The best eco-friendly anti-inflammatory on the market!

We are committed to conduct our business in an ethically and socially responsible way. The Calamarine range of products adheres to these principles:

  • Produced solely from by-products of existing food production of Calamari, not one creature is removed from the sea to produce these oils.
  • To a large degree line fishing for calamari performed by local artisan vessels
  • No netting or by-product catch at all. No dolphins harmed, etc.
There is an increasing body of scientific research and literature supporting DHA as the more efficacious option for addressing most of the common health conditions supported by Omega-3 supplementation:
  • General health
  • Improving n-3/n-6 ratio
  • Low risk cardiovascular prevention
  • High risk cardiovascular/Atherosclerosis
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Macular degeneration
  • Alzheimer dementia
  • Maternal-Childhood development

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High DHA Omega-3 from Calamarine. Eco-Friendly,
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