Change your life with the 15 second a day program. Achieve your health goals. Change your outlook on life. Change the inflammation levels in your body. Change your mindset. Change everything…in 15 seconds a day.

I know it sounds preposterous. It sounds absurd. But a very learned, famous celebrity doctor shared this secret, a bio-chemist no less.

I spent 12 months in an intensive certification program and learned from 40 of the best doctors, scientists, researchers, nutritionists and healers.

There is an amazing amount of good you can do for yourself by how you stock your fridge. Where and when you shop. How to locate a farmer’s market. How you cook your food. So many beneficial things you could do, if you knew how.

So the one year program is over and I have many new friends and relationships in the world of nutrition and health.

The one statement that stands out above all is the extreme statement from Dr. Barry Sears. He invented or coined the Zone Diet. He’s got a three month program and a six month program to turn your weight around, to turn your blood lipid profile around, to turn your health around. These regimens and programs work.

But then he makes this statement, “Then there is the 15 second a day program for those who can only make one change in their life at this time. This simple action will do more good for your health than any other daily regimen. Take at least 2.5 grams of EPA/DHA Omega-3 fish oil daily.” (paraphrased)

Of course, if you have read other posts on my site, you know this was my experience in 2005 and why I started Optimal Health Bridge. I had this same revelation and experience. I know that high potency fish oil can make a big difference. So this is the answer to the very basic question, if you can only make one change for your health and it has to be easy to do, what would it be?

Dr. Sears says, “Take Omega-3 fish oil.”

For me, I see it as a really great first step. Of course there will be other steps to take as your health knowledge and awareness grows. But the first step is to get on a high quality Omega-3 fish oil. We have several to choose from.

All American Omega-3 (Alaska)

True Omega-3 (Norway)

Antarctic Krill Oil (Antarctic)

Calamarine High DHA Omega-3 (Norway)

What are the differences? They are all excellent fish oils. We wouldn’t stock and sell an item unless it was thoroughly documented as pure and contaminant free. Sources vary and the distillers vary, but all are cGMP compliant.

You don’t have to bank on my word. You don’t have to believe Dr. Barry Sears. You need not rely on the American Heart Association. You can find out for yourself. You can be your own lab experiment. Try any (or all) of our Omega-3 products for a month and see if your mood is improved. See if your energy is better. Find out for yourself.

If you are a Veteran use coupon code: VETERAN for 20% off.

If you are 65+ use coupon code: SENIOR for 20% off.

If you are a first time customer, use coupon code WELCOME for 15% off.

If you are none of the above, don’t worry, we have a special coupon for returning customers: HEALTHYU

If you need some guidance or coaching on what to choose. Make a telephone appt with me by clicking here and filling up a form, or call Marci at 443-450-4413 and she will put on a call back list and my hope is to answer you in 24 hours, weekends excepted.

Be well,

Garey Simmons, CHC

Garey says, “Smile at the fact that your body is smart and has all the answers.”

Garey Simmons is a certified health coach, dietary supplement expert and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Garey was able to turn his health challenges around in just a few months by using Omega-3 supplements. Garey is a graduate of the New York Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Garey lives in Baltimore, MD and is the father of ten children.



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