High Cholesterol or High Inflammation?
Is this a chicken or the egg story? Does inflammation come from cholesterol or cholesterol is too high because of inflammation?
Most people are concerned about their cholesterol being too high and that’s what we’ve been told since the 1980s so we believe it to be true. However, there are people with excellent cholesterol scores that have heart attacks. And there are people with high cholesterol that will never have a heart attack, stroke or suffer from sudden death syndrome. Why is that?
Fact is that high cholesterol doesn’t lead to heart attacks unless something else is going on. The something else is inflammation. Chronic inflammation. Where does the chronic inflammation come from? Two main sources: Chronic stress of the immune system and junk food. Yep. It’s the over sugarized and high glycemic carbohydrates and lack of exercise and just plain worrying about everything under the sun. 
The best tip I can give you:No, it’s not to change your diet or eat clean or take Omega-3 fish oil. The best tip I can give you is to stop watching cable news! It doesn’t matter which of the two polar sides you listen to, both of them are designed to make you mad, upset or just plain frustrated and fed up. I teach all the time that the most important factor in health is your mind state. Your attitude. Your level of stress. 
You can blame salt for high blood pressure or you are closer to being accurate if you blame the television. 
Are you living according to your standards or someone else’s?
Most of us have a set of principles that we learned as children. Many of us go through a re-examination process as teens. But then we become adults. Either we go back to the childhood principles or we throw all that away and figure out a new set of principles and beliefs to live by. 
Cholesterol Testing
Back to the issues of cholesterol, heart disease and inflammation. Your  doctor will start testing your cholesterol around age 50. This is the biggest windfall for pharmaceutical companies. They test something you can’t know on your own. If you have high cholesterol you probably feel pretty good mentally. Cholesterol is a fat and fat makes you feel good. Try to eat something without fat and you’ll find it full of salt and sugar. Fat free only means it’s full of sugar. Eating fat, the right kind of fat, is the truly healthy thing to do. Put avocado in your salad and feel good and be healthy!
There are confusing articles in the health press about the Inuit and the original studies regarding Omega-3. These are, for the most part, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. They confuse actual studies for studies of studies. They don’t distinguish populations of those with heart disease from those who don’t have heart disease. Fundamentally, truth be told, they don’t want you to take a supplement that they cannot patent. They want you to take a statin to lower your cholesterol while ignoring the holistic factors surrounding your high cholesterol which could be simply a poor diet and too much processed foods, not enough exercise and shallow breathing. Why do they need to test your liver periodically if you are prescribed a statin? Because it’s damaging the liver. The test will tell the doctor how much. 
Deep Breathing
Yes, if you do not have a practice of deep breathing daily, your inflammation levels will be higher than need be, if you simply practiced deep breathing. I’ll paint a simple picture. 10,000 years ago our forebears did not live a comfortable life. No indoor plumbing, no super markets. They lived a lot like the Inuit of Greenland just 50 years ago. Seal, whale, krill, sardines, elk, moose, a few berries in the summer time. They were hardy people. They faced obstacles and worked hard. Today we sit at desks and type. We move information around. We send out workers or call workers to come and fix things for us. If we have a flat tire, we don’t change it. We call Triple A or some other roadside assistance. 
It doesn’t really matter if you follow paleo or Mediterranean or vegetarian or vegan or non-veg. There are good things to be said of all diet types and there are flaws with each as well. The guideline should be to eat natural, local grown and harvested foods as best we can. The guideline is to walk, run, exercise, swim and move your body daily. The more the better, even though for at least 8 hours a day, we are going to be sitting at a desk, shallow breathing. If you want to build up your immune system find a way to breathe deeply for at least 20 – 30 minutes a day. Minimum. You can take a break every hour for 5 or 10 minutes of swift walking. No one is going to get mad at you. 
What is Proven about Omega-3…Part of our shortcuts to health in modern life is to supplement our diets with known ingredients that can help stimulate good health. Take the most negative article that says Omega-3 does nothing for you and I will show you a dozen studies that proves: 1) Omega-3 in sufficient dose is cardio protective 2) Omega-3 is one of the only “fats”that is anti-inflammatory which means it aids the immune system in fighting a disease state. 3) Doctors who shun supplements when asked about Omega-3 will ultimately say, “Well, it won’t hurt you.” But they cannot say that about ANY of the medicines they prescribe. In fact all pharmaceutical drugs have umpteen warnings about serious side effects and fatal occurences with said drug. 
Here’s the bottom line: Take True Omega-3 daily. And do it in sufficient dose, twice a day.
Watch my slide show on www.OptimalHealthBridge.com. Thanks.

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