This question came in and lent itself to a fuller explanation of how cholesterol works.

I’m confused—I’ve been taking krill oil, High DHA Omega-3 and True Omega-3 tablets for my high cholesterol, but see that you have a Miracle Cholesterol pack. What should I be taking? In 2009 my cholesterol was 247; since taking the above combination of 3 tablets, I’ve lowered it to 205, but that’s still high. Would I be better off switching to the Miracle cholesterol pack? Thanks.
First off, congratulations on moving from 247 to 205 without statins! That is really magnificent! That’s almost a 20% drop! It’s almost unheard of and your doctor should be really happy.
I would appreciate it if you can give me a breakdown of HDL/LDL and if its on the report, the VLDL. That being said, we are a dietary supplement company. We are not doctors and we can’t give medical advice. Anything I share here is from my personal experience and from reading clinical studies.
In the clinical studies of cholesterol, over 250 is really where the problems lay, under 250, there isn’t much evidence to show that 180 or 200 is any better. This is in terms of cardiac events. Of course, half of all heart attacks are victims with 150 total cholesterol or less. The most famous recent case was Tim Russert. He was on a statin medication and had a perfect 150 score. Yet he succumb to a Monday morning heart attack.
Something else to keep in mind, is that the cholesterol theory of heart disease has been proven flawed. Yes, cholesterol is a number of significance but it’s the amount of inflammation together with the cholesterol that causes the blockages. Also if the VLDL number is higher that can be significant.
The very dense LDL, the smaller particles can get lodged in the walls of the arteries and that can build blockages. If the LDL is larger and fluffy, these pass through the arteries and get used by the metabolism in beneficial ways.
In First Line Therapy, which doctors are supposed to teach, but it sort of becomes simplified down to: “Eat less, eat better, exercise more.” without any real guidance.
So let me do this:
1. Cholesterol is a normal production of the liver and has umpteen functions that the body relies on. Cholesterol is our friend not our enemy. Without cholesterol, you wouldn’t have hormones. Without cholesterol your brain wouldn’t function. So it’s not so much to worry about the cholesterol.
2. The idea behind First Line Therapy, is to change the body through lifestyle. My simplification is to eat less high gylcemic carbs. These highly sugared carbs contribute to the fat stores almost instantly because we don’t move our bodies that much and we don’t burn that many calories. The calories we do take in should be wholesome nutrition. Legumes and beans are carbs but they are nutritious full of fiber and slow burning carbs and protein. Much better than donuts and cake. If you eat rice, make sure its as brown rice and really brown rice. Like the more husk that is on the kernel the better, as that will make it burn slower. Portion control means eat twice as many veggies as rice. The rice on your plate could be a couple of table spoons full, the veggies should be a big serving. With veggies you are getting nutrition. Pasta, if you have to have it, use portion control and make it a once a week ritual not daily, unless you have a really robust exercise routine.
3. Exercise: You may have seen our local hero Michael Phelps whipping down 10,000 calories a day, pancakes, syrup, eggs, toast, and on and on. The rest of the story he was in training for hours a day swimming, honing every muscle in his body, not only burning calories through swimming, but the environment of the unheated pools he trains in adds to the calorie burn. I sit at a computer for most of the day, so I eat a lot less calories than Michael Phelps. Make sense?
Miracle Cholesterol Pack contains Omega-3s that you are already taking and two more important products. Red Rice Yeast, which is statin-like, but it is a naturally fermented product. In fact synthetic statin drugs were ‘invented’ from studying the Chinese herb medicine called Red Yeast Rice. Yes, it works like a statin. It is highly effective. It will bring your total cholesterol number down significantly and quickly. We sell this for those who have to make a significant change in their cholesterol number quickly. Either for their job or to make their doctors happy. Whether a person takes a statin or red rice yeast, it’s extremely important to take CoQ10 along with this regimen. Statin drugs and Red Rice Yeast cause the liver to produce less cholesterol, but the liver also reduces its output of CoQ10 when on this regimen. Now, you may ask, why do I need CoQ10?
CoQ10 is an enzyme that is essential to muscle energy. The heart being a muscle needs CoQ10 to fire efficiently. We do ourselves a disservice when we try to lower cholesterol (artificially) and don’t add CoQ10 to the regimen. In Europe, doctors must add CoQ10 to any statin prescription. It should be the same here. I met an expert researcher in heart disease. He had contact with over 30 cardiologists and he said only 10% of them understood or knew about the CoQ10 connection. In any case, this is anecdotal at best. By age 30 CoQ10 starts to diminish due to natural aging processes. One could consider it an anti-aging antioxidant as well.
You are certainly able to switch over to the Miracle cholesterol Pack, but my suggestion is to use it for 3 months and then go back to the Omega-3 protocol. Some folks repeat the Miracle Cholesterol once or twice a year. Hope this adds to clarity and doesn’t add to the confusion.
Garey Simmons.

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