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Can I put $14.92 in your pocket? My way of celebrating America on Columbus day.

America! Yes, as the son of an immigrant, I am proud to be an American! Without being cavalier, I want to celebrate America by helping you get healthy, and stay healthy. Can I put  $14.92 back into your pocket? Take an immediate $14.92 off any order of $49 or more, limited to the next 92 sales orders, good through October 15th!

Order early!

Have a great weekend! Blessings on your family and blessings on this great country of ours.

Coupon Code: AMERICA

Where: Use your email address. If you haven’t changed your password then the password is temp123 You may have store credit. You can add the AMERICA coupon to your store credit at check out. If you want to use the toll free number, please call 877-572-3444. You will need to tell the operator what you want and tell them to use the coupon code AMERICA. They are in Cedar Rapids IA and speak English, but they may not be used to my new store, so be specific. If you have problems with them ask to be transferred to me. (Garey Simmons) otherwise, call me directly at 443-852-1000

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