A teenage boy was struck in a hit and run in California. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital. Diagnosed with a fractured skull, numerous broken bones and a bleeding brain; Doctors told the parents to expect the worst. Their son would, in all probability, die. The doctors did what they do best: they stabilized their patient, set the broken bones and tended to their comatose, young patient. There is a benefit to being in a coma and unaware of the pain and trauma. Amazingly, the boy pulled through.

Asked about the brain injury, the father responded,CNN screen capture  “Our son Grant won’t be as good as new. He’s going to be better.”

The secret of Grant’s recovery: Mega doses of fish oil.

Grant’s mother is a nutritionist by the name of JJ Virgin. She’s written a book and has a diet named after her, The Virgin Diet. “Lose 7 lbs in 7 days.” I read the book last year as part of my training as a health coach. I am not surprised she opted for super foods and powerful Mega Omega-3 Fish Oil in pursuit of healing for their son, especially when medicine done all it could.

How do doctors explain this miraculous recovery from traumatic brain injury? “If you have a brick wall and it gets damaged, wouldn’t you want to use bricks to repair it?” Dr. Michael Lewis, founder of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute, told CNN. “By supplementing using [omega-3 fatty acids] in substantial doses, you provide the foundation for the brain to repair itself.”

Omega-3 fish oil is an anti-inflammatory agent. Most oils used in cooking are pro-inflammatory because of its molecular structure. But Omega-3 oils are the opposite. They are soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory. Mega dosing with Omega-3s is rarely done. A standard dose in the layman’s world would be one or two capsules a day (500 mg). Dr Barry Sears, a well-known authority on Omega-3 supplementation says the normal American should be getting at least 2.5 grams a day(2,500 mgs) for the prevention of inflammation in the arteries. Some doctors I’ve read about will put their patients on 15 grams a day(15,000 mgs). I have been on a dose of  4.2 grams a day (4200 mgs) for the last eight years. It’s done wonders from my own health.

These measurements, grams, milligrams can be confusing especially since  fish oil capsules may be 600 mgs, 1000 mgs. or 1 gram of oil, or even 1250 milligrams, that’s the volume of oil in the capsule, but the active ingredient is less. For example, True Omega-3 that we promote for all sorts of health solutions is 70% EPA/DHA. This is a higher grade than what you can generally purchase in a drug store. Most food grade fish oil is 30% EPA/DHA. Some stores carry 50% EPA/DHA.

The difference is in the potency. EPA and DHA are the two Omega-3 long chain fatty acid molecules. EPA has 18 double bonds and DHA has 22 double bonds in its molecular structure. DHA is the form that the brain needs. Some say that 40% of our brain is made from DHA Essential Fatty Acids. The EPA variety is anti-inflammatory and helps to ensurel heart health. Both work in concert to bring homeostasis to the body, cell signaling and cell intelligence.

The unfortunate thing for Americans is that they are generally totally deficient in Omega-3. The reason is simple. The body does not produce Omega-3 fats internally from the food we call the Standard American Diet. Omega-3s must be taken in, swallowed and ingested. They are deemed by nutritionists and medical science as essential. Yet, in our cooking, ALL of our cooking and baking oils are of the Omega-6 variety and are known as pro-inflammatory. This includes fried foods, bake goods, etc. Cutting back on these pro-inflammatory foods is smart and getting on a regimen of anti-inflammatory is essential.

I recommend a morning and evening dose for a particular reason having to due with heart attack avoidance.

If you are ever tempted to skip your twice daily Omega-3 dose, think again.

The good news for Grant and his family is that he is going back to school for his senior year.

A_Renewed_Grant_Virgin_with_his_mom_JJ_VirginScreen Capture from IBTimes News Report

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You can read more testimonials of ordinary folk having exceptional experiences with this one simple health tip: Take Omega-3 Fish oil daily.

 “Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of, or who have, cardiovascular disease.“ American Heart Association


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