If you really want to change, I have got the answer for you.

The real Agent of Change is Commitment. I could try to sugar coat it for you but why don’t we just cut to the chase?

Sure in life, there are times, you want the truth honey-wrapped. But with the advent of a new year, let’s be real.

You’ve heard the statistics, how 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are forgotten by January 21st. It’s amazing how my yoga classes are so crowded in January and then the thinning begins.

Yes, it’s better to make one or two promises to yourself and your accountability partner than to try to change the whole world in an instant. Energy diffuses when spread too thin. Keeping a single promise to yourself is a concentrated way of saying, “Yes, I mean business.”

Accountability Partners

Using the facility of an accountability partner will go a long way in helping you to succeed. If I have to report my commitments to a spouse or a friend or a buddy in a peer group, this accountability mechanism can do wonders to sustain your momentum. Choose your partner well. If you want to read up on how accountability works in life and in business, visit www.SuccessCircles.com.

Losing Weight and Getting Healthy

If losing weight and getting healthy is among your new year’s resolutions, I have a fast track way to help.

I invite you to check out the program my friend and health coach Vaughn Gray has set up. The classes start in just a few days. Here is the no brainer deal I want to extend to you. The classes meet once a week for eight weeks. They are recorded live each week and you will have access to the replays if you can’t make it for the live call.  I have reserved a number of seats for my clients. I want you to take this course and I will barter with you to help you say YES.

The course takes place on the phone and the web. You can listen on the web or on the phone. So you have the luxury of participating on your own schedule and from the privacy of your own home.

My Special Deal to Get you to Say YES: Let me give you $100 worth of Optimal Health Bridge products if you register for the course paying only $199.00. You pay only $199 and you get $100 worth of vitamins and supplements of your choice. That could easily supply you with enough Omega-3s for several months!  Or you may want to try other supplements as you take the course. So we will prepare 2 fifty dollar coupons that take 100% off the purchase price of any supplements on the website. Say Yes!

Be the Agent of Change for Others

Here is a little twist. You can make the world a better place. You can help your family and friends by being an accountability partner for them. Everyone needs a friend to get things rolling, so why not volunteer?

Be Well, Garey Simmons
Agent of Change

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