High Potency EPA/DHA High Phospholipid Antarctic Krill High DHA/EPA Calamarine

BUY 240 CAPSULES $40 for 1, or $99 for 3
BUY 120 CAPSULES $20 for 1, or $55 for 3
BUY 60 CAPSULES $24.95 for 1,
or $63 for 3
BUY 120 CAPSULES $34.95 for 1,
or $89.85 for 3
———————- ———————- ———————–

Save Big on Packages.

Special Offer on True Omega-3s, Antarctic Krill Oil and Calamarine

1 Bottle of True Omega-3 (240 softgels)

  • 1 Bottle of Antarctic Krill (60 softgels)
  • 1 Bottle of High DHA Omega-3 (120 softgels)

1 pack – $79 (Savings of $20)

2 packs $69 each (Total $138 *Savings of $60)

3 packs $59 each (Total $177 *Savings of $100)

3 Omega-3 Products worth the money:
  1. True Omega-3 70% EPA/DHA 240 count per bottle
  2. Antartic Krill Oil Phospholipid and High Antioxidant
  3. Calamarine High DHA component – ecofriendly, Friend of the Sea certified

Yes, I do take all three forms of Omega-3. I take more of True Omega-3 but I also take 2 Krill per day and 2 Calamarine per day. True Omega-3 is my main insurance policy against heart attack and stroke. Krill and Calamarine are supplemental policies for quick absorption and brain health. I plan on living a long time, knock on wood, and I want all my faculties to be present and not absent over the next several decades.

Footnote to Heart Attack Article: A friend, a neighbor in fact, someone who I occasionally visited was the picture of health. In his mid-fifties he was very active, basketball, gym, weights, annual physicals, and all the rest. Last week had a chest pain. Thinking he had pulled a muscle, ignored it. The next day more annoying symptoms, fatigue and unusual malaise. Reluctantly he went to the ER. What a waste of time, he thought.

It had been an heart attack. Because of his good physical conditioning, he didn’t rush to the hospital and it did cost him: nearly half of his heart muscle died from a lack of oxygen. Joe is still the effervescent optimist and is “doing great” with half a heart.  But the lesson is clear.

Don’t take chances with your health. Get checked out thoroughly. Take the heart attack risk assessment mentioned in the above article.

Today, we have more and more centenarians in the country than ever and we can thank medicine for some of it. But prevention is worth more than cure and sometimes recovery is long and difficult. Why take chances?

Use the discount coupons above for the purchase of any supplements. ALL are geared and meant for preventative maintenance. Omega-3 is a panacea of goodness but won’t do you any good sitting on our shelves in the warehouse. Take Omega-3s daily. Help me with my personal slogan. In my lifetime, I want to help PREVENT ONE MILLION heart attacks from occurring.

In a study of 11,000 in Italy there was a 45% decrease in the chances of heart attack from taking 800 mg of EPA/DHA Omega-3 daily. Of course, I take much more than 800 mg a day. I like my chances to be 99% if not 100%. Omega-3 is a super food. There are few that deny it. Four thousand five hundred studies prove the point over and over. The jury is in. Omega-3s prevent heart attacks and stroke. It’s not a medical claim. I can’t say that. The FDA is much more cautious. But if there were a history of heart disease in the family, if you ever ate at McDonald’s, if you were born in America, if you haven’t eaten as balance and as well as you could or should have, then do me and yourself a favor, take Omega-3s daily. That is my best tip ever.


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