I want you to take a minute to consider your smart phone. Think about how many times a day you are reaching for it, looking at it. How lost do you feel if you accidentally leave your phone at home?

How productive are you?

You can check the time first thing in the morning. Check your to do list you made from the night before, helps you get ready for your day.
Maybe you check the news.
You need directions to get to your first appointment.
You click on maps and enter the company name, you don’t even need the address.
If you want to call them, there is a one click button to make the call.
If the company you are calling on has set up their Google My Business page properly (it’s easy), then you can read their latest news before you’ve started your car.
You remember your spouse asked you to book a hotel or an airbnb for the trip next month. A few thumb clicks and you found a really lovely place to get away.
Oh, you fell asleep last night before the game was done, so you check the final score and see your team had a come from behind win. Another click and you can watch 3 minutes of highlights.
You’ve been meaning to order your vitamins. Three clicks and you are done.

How I use my smart phone

I use the phone to watch videos when I am exercising at the gym, helps to pass the time.
I keep up with my email on my phone if I am in a waiting room.
When I walk, I use the Map my Hike app to record the distance and it draws a cool map and the route I take.
Once in awhile, I even make a phone calls. Of course my kids don’t call any more, they text me.
And I am not limited to just the normal phone. I make skype calls to partners in India. I use the Messenger app to call some friends.
Welcome to the digital age.  You can be incredibly productive or you can waste a lot of time or even get hurt. You get to decide how you use this tool.
Things to watch out for, dangerous smart phone behaviors:
  • Time wasters (nonsense games – okay in moderation but you only have so many hours in a day, so don’t be robbed of productivity.)
  • Click bait (on every page of content of major media outlets, they are selling space to marketers that bait you into clicking. You should see Tiger’s ex-wife now! You click and you’ll never see what you were promised. The page that comes up is full of ads. Once clicked you are in their clutches. Don’t click on those silly stories.
  • Repetitive Stress Syndrome https://g.co/kgs/wxpbp4
  • Never look at your phone while driving. If you are using maps, turn on the audio so you can hear the directions.
  • Inattention blindness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cznepJAbyg

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