The Key to Successful Health Outcomes: The Continuity Convenience Program


consistency.jpgBetter Health: Consistency is key.

The Auto Ship Convenience Program is a major reason our clients get better results than just shopping at any other internet vitamin store. 

What happens all too often, a person starts a program, then at the end of the cycle, gets too busy to sit down at the computer and reorder. It can be a hassle. Auto Ship Convenience solves this problem. Order once and done! If you need to make changes at any time for holding or redirecting or canceling, it’s as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. ( or 443-450-4413 or 877-572-3444)

Commitment Leads to Success.
commitment.jpgOur Auto Ship Continuity Convenience Program is a tool you can use to reach your goals! This is the service part of our business that really can make a difference in the outcomes you attain. 

Peronalize your own package. 

If you need a special combination of products, we will design a package of supplements for you that makes the most sense for you. Use the Contact Form to send a request for a specific auto ship. List the products, quantity and time cycle and we will put that specific package together for you at an unbeatable prices. 

Coach is here to help.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to have a chat about what you are taking, what you are expecting and what your goals are. I am here to help with that. Fifteen minutes is usually enough time to get the direction correct.

Note regarding auto ship products: Any of our products can be ordered on the Auto Ship Convenience Program. If you don’t find your favorite products listed below, then just get in touch and we will set up the products you need on this Convenience program.

Free Shipping with Auto ShipMost Popular Auto Ship Convenience Packages

Read: True Omega-3 – Monthly or Quarterly Read More

Order: 1 Bottle 240 Capsules Monthly (8 per day) $39.95

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months (8 per day) $99.00

Order: 3 Bottles Every 4 Months (6 per day) $99.00

Read about Resveratrol

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months $66

Order: 1 Bottle Monthly $ 27.95

Read Epicor – Monthly or Quarterly

Order: 1 Bottle Monthly $19.95

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months $45.00

Read about Diacetinol Blood Sugar Support

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months $57.00

Read about Hyperlose Blood Pressure Support

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months – $57.00

Read about Ubiquinol CoQ10

Order: 1 Bottle Monthly $27.95

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months $65.95

Read about Red Rice Yeast

Order: 3 Bottles Every 3 Months $54

Combo Packages:

Order: Omega-3 Protocol:

  • 120 True Omega-3,
  • 120 Antarctic Krill,
  • 60 Calamarine $59.95 – Read More

Order: CoQ10 – Red Rice Yeast Every 3 Months $97.00

  • 3 Ubiquinol CoQ10
  • 3 Red Rice Yeast Read More

Order: Super Cholesterol Pack Every 3 Months $180

  • 3 True Omega-3 240
  • 3 Ubiquinol CoQ10
  • 3 Red Rice Yeast.


Call me for any help needed with signing up to Auto Ship.

Garey Simmons, 443-852-1000



Never run out of supplements you need: Once you know what it is your really need for your supplement regimen, you can save a lot of money and use our Continuity Convenience Program to ensure you never run out of needed supplements. 

“Never Pay Retail”: The great thing about continuity is that we charge approximately 20% less than our low single bottle prices at retail, and we never charge shipping on continuity products. So it’s a good deal. One of our favorite mottoes is, “Never pay retail.” This is a great way to benefit your health and benefit your wallet.

No Hassle Customer Service: We are providing a very valuable service to people who need our extremely potent and powerful nutritional supplements and don’t want the bother of filling up a new order every single time. Who needs that extra hassle?

Any product we stock can be ordered on auto ship. If you don’t see it listed simply use the contact us form on the navigation tool bar and we will make it available to you. More value and most convenient service. 

Subscribe for free and get the benefits of Auto Ship Continuity Convenience. You may cancel the program at any time by calling 877-572-3444, 24 hours a day 7 days a week or using our Customer Service form.

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