In everything. Yes, it’s true: Consistency of action brings home the paycheck. It brings rewards. It brings notoriety. Ask Bonnie and Clyde. They had a plan and they executed their plan flawlessly. Best bank robbers in the country. Of course they were climbing the ladder of success in the field of crime. You can be successful but have your ladder leaning against the wrong building. If you want to be successful in sports, in business, in life, in relationships, in the political arena, in noble causes, in providing services to the needy, you must learn to be consistent. Here are four things to keep in mind. I am sure you are doing some or all of these already, but let’s review.


Read- A person must be well read in the subject matter that needs mastering. This is not just text book learning but engaging in all forms of media pertaining to your given subject. Talking to those who know more than you do, becoming a real student that reads a lot but then does more than read, the master to be also studies.

Study- More than read you must learn to study to really ingrain the fundmentals of the matter in which you want to excel and become an expert. Test what you are reading and studying against your personal experiences. What agrees with you? What doesn’t? To begin to apply what you study a person must visualize:

Visualize- After reading and studying, then a person must engage in perspective and visualize the outcomes being persued. Some may call this planning, or vivid use of imagination. This is the time of preparation. Use your imagination to test what you know against a myriad of situations. Then it’s time to engage, to perform.

Perform- Now it’s time to take the field. It’s time to actualize what you have been reading, studying and visualizing, seeking to immerse yourself. Only with performance comes the required practice to become a master. It’s a well-known saying that every Master was once a disaster. The first time I do anything, I usually do it wrong. Then I have go back and redo and redo again. That’s the practice that it takes. Why do doctors call their businesses practices anyway?

This formula holds true for sports, for music, for opera, for teaching, for counselling, for behavioral modification, for medicine, for the healing arts. But the four parts of this formula should be used on a daily basis on some level. Then as a matter of course having used the formula for at least a week, you can summarize at week’s end and journal what you have accomplished. Keep tabs with your soul. This will bring great satisfaction! Weeks of practice turn into months, months turn into years, years turn into a life of noble pursuit.


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