• Often, we get offers that we like and want to subscribe to and there are other occasions where we want to buy something up front and be done with the transaction. 
  • For example, we subscribe to an Internet service by contract usually for a period and that way, we never run out of Internet. It keeps being supplied to us by way of monthly billing. If our Internet ran out at the end of the month, we would have to scramble each month to get it renewed.

TO3-240 orange

  • For the most part, we have been offering up front purchases with some convenience continuity auto ship available for some products. However, when you make a health decision, it is a lot easier keep the health commitment, if you can get things set up to help you succeed. 

So it is with our auto ship continuity programs. 

  • We set these up for your convenience and with your success in mind. Auto Ships are money saving, always less than our discounted retail pricing.
  • We set them up so that they will renew without your having to call or make a new order on our website. That’s convenience.
  • For example, many of you take six capsules of True Omega-3 per day (3 in the morning and 3 in the evening). You can save money and add convenience if you use Auto ship 3 bottles of True Omega-3 (240 count) for every 4 Months. The savings are significant, now 15% less than our standard discount pricing!

We also cover the shipping cost on our end, so there are no added expenses for you to cover. We can afford to do this if you are signed up to auto ship as it ensures we can order a larger volume of product at a wholesale cost. We pass the savings on to you. It’s a win for everybody.
Only $111.00  — 99.00 Now only for 3 bottles shipped every four months. And we pay shipping!

  • Your cost is about $0.70 per day for six capsules! Less than 12 cents per capsule.

Phenomenal product, phenomenal price!

  • When you find a product that you decide should be part of your health regimen, like True Omega-3 Premium Grade, then it’s in your best interest to get on our continuity program so you never run out of this needed, life-saving supplement. You may cancel any shipment at any time before it ships! 

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