Summer is in full swing. Early in June I attended a 3 day conference + 3 days vacation on the west coast! Conference was insightful and the vacation was awesome. We left 100+ degree heat in Baltimore and landed with 59 degree weather in San Francisco.

Whether it is correctly attributed or not, there is an alleged quote from Mark Twain:

“The coldest Winter I ever spent was in San Francisco in August.”

Next Tuesday I deliver a 10 minute speech to my Toastmasters Club about my conversion from redneck to redwoods treehugger.

Once delivered I will post it here. I have to keep polishing it until show time and then I will probably switch it all up at the last minute.

The news of the week: The “Sale of All Sales” continues on the stocks that we have of supplements with the RSQ labels on them. The page was re-designed to make the purchasing easier. During times of transition, that’s when consumers can really cash in. You see this phenomenon at Spring yard sales, moving sales and even in today’s real estate market. There are always deals around if you catch them at the right time. In our local real estate market $200,000 houses are being sold for $30,000 to $80,000. Wow. Near insanity!

It’s the same with these supplements. We need to make the transition to our new labels but the stocks demand we “liquidate.” So $39.95 supplements are $7 – $10. Time to cash in. It’s actually Win – Win – Win. You Win at lower prices, we win by making room for new stock with a fresh new look, and you will again with improved preventative health habits and we win by ensuring your loyalty because we are the nice people to deal with!

Shop for The Sale of All Sales!

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