How Many Of These Questions Has Your Doctor Asked About Your HIGH Blood Pressure / Hypertension?​

When you first learned that you have high blood pressure…

Did your doctor spend time looking for answers like whether hypertension runs in your family?

Whether you’ve noticed any unusual swelling in your legs?

About how much stress you’re under – at work or at home?

Or exactly what you had to eat and drink last week?

If you are worried about High Blood Pressure or HBP, I understand and I can help you solve that issue.

There are a few legitimate causes for high blood pressure and I want to give you a natural remedy that can ease your fears and lower your blood pressure.

While it’s true high blood pressure is serious, there are simple ways to deal with the issue before it becomes … (drastic, deadly, debilitating) pick your own ‘d’ word.

Stress, salt, lack of exercise, heredity, carrying more than 25% body fat means your are probably suffering from metabolic syndrome, which is the disease of western civilazation.

All of these can have something to do with high blood pressure.

The lifestyle issues are probably the hardest to fix because they are so ingrained and we may have been doing them all of our lives or at least as long as we can remember.

The food industry gets a lot of blame too for packing salt and sugar into processed foods to make them palatable having gone ‘low fat’. Here’s the recipe for a modern health food: “Take out the fat and add salt and sugar.” Did you ever notice how sweet potato chips really are? When the doctor says eat less salt, think about cutting back on processed foods. If you need to salt your eggs, that’s okay. Oh, it’s okay to eat eggs too. Don’t fall for that nonsense that egg yolk will raise your cholesterol. Cutting eggs out of your diet is unnecessary, in fact eggs are good for you. Of course, I only eat eggs that are from healthy farm chickens that run around outside and eat bugs.

If you go on a 3-4 day fast and don’t eat anything, except tea or water, you’ll be surprised to find out just how sweet vegetables are, for example, after you break your fast. Fasting gives your taste buds a chance to reset.

Fats are just as important as other food groups. You just have to get the right kinds of fat. Think Omega-3 fats. Save $12 – $17!

If you can learn how to eat and live without those processed low fat foods, your blood pressure will come down. A friend of mine recently share that having lost 100 lbs her blood pressure was normal for the first time in her adult life.

Here’s her simple plan: Use a good meal replacement protein / vitamin shake. Get a fitbit, vivofit or some other wearable step counting technology. Many phone have this software in them too. Walk 10,000 step a day minimum. It helps if you have a dog to walk. Weigh in once a week with a exercise buddy or partner. Having someone to report too helps as the accountability factor. Be smart about breakfast and dinner. Breakfast equals protein, dinner is mainly vegetables and keep it light. Take it 3 months at a time and watch the pounds slide off.

Stress is a part of life and is a necessary ingredient in our human make up. We need motivation to keep sharp in our outlook. Once things get to ‘overwhelm’ then stress becomes harmful. Learning to meditate or pray, taking a relaxing yoga class, which means taking time for yourself, is a natural counterbalance to stress.

Sometimes, I just envision loading up all my cares into a blanket, wrapping them up and depositing them in a cave, high up on a mountain. I know where they are and if I need them I can go get them. In the meantime, I’ll relieve myself of those burdens and carry on without them.

Having a go to exercise regimen that you do at least 3 – 4 times a week, is a great way to blow off steam and exercise the toxins out of your body by sweating.

Lastly, I’ll offer my natural supplement that I don’t say will cure high blood pressure by taking this single capsule, but if you give the suggestions above half a change, then Hyperlose (pronounced Hyper-lowz) will do the other half.

Normally, $29.95, we’ve taken some extra holiday discounts and from now until Christmas you can get a bottle for less than $15! Yeah it looks like it’s about half price. You can easily add Hyperlose to your cart, get a free 7 day pill case and save a bunch of money, with a single click.

Here’s the link to click: Get Hyperlose for less than $15. You can order up to two bottles for less than $30. (You can add more, but the 3rd bottle will be $26.95 with a 5% quantity discount. Just try one or two bottles at this incredible price. You are protected by a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t love it, you don’t pay.


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