Here is my plan to stay healthy this Winter:
  • Take a healthy amount of Omega-3 daily
  • Take Epicor daily.

Doctors tell you to get a flu shot.

Nurses say wash your hands very often.

Your mother says to eat more vegetables.

The Nutritionist says balance your diet.

The fitness trainer says exercise every day.

But the most important tip I can share with you is to not forget your Omega-3s because they help your immune system, they create protagladins, which your body can use to make hormones. Epicor does something different. Epicor increases your Natural Killer cells that improve your mucosal defenses in your nose and mouth. It stops infecting viruses before they ever get started trying to make you sick.

I am so sure of the benefit, I want to give you a free one month supply. It’s not risk free, it’s just free. My only request is to buy at least one bottle of any All American Omega-3 product and then add the free bottle of Epicor, then use the coupon to zero out the $24.95 charge.  

Instructions to get the a free bottle of Epicor IMMUNE Support!

Valid through November 6, 2012

1. Add any ALL AMERICAN OMEGA-3 product.  (60, 120, 180 or 240 size)
This is the qualifying product. (This link takes you to the American Omega-3 Info page.)
We are so proud of this addition to our product line up.

2. CLICK HERE TO ADD the special free full size bottle OF EPICOR, $24.95 value.  

3. Use coupon code FREE EPICOR to Zero out the $24.95 charge 

 Stay healthy this Winter!

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