Show me what you do. 

There are maybe hundreds of choices we make everyday. 

Right and wrong. 

Good or Bad. 

The donut or the apple. 

Behaviors Never Lie! 

Each choice we make has its own set of consequences.

The words that come out of our mouths should in most cases match our deeds but do they?

I read a newsletter last evening. The writer says that most people go to work to shirk. Most people clock in and tend to take that smoke break or coffee break an hour later. At 11.30 they start getting ready to go to lunch. Getting back from lunch involves a few rituals that involving getting ready to work and make of show of getting something done, maybe. The one who when the boss asks for X, gives the boss X plus Y. The one who comes in over the weekend to finish up a project that needs doing, the one who isn’t there for just collecting his paycheck, will rise by promotion or wind up launching his/ her own business. 

I don’t know about these corporate things. I’ve not had a job since 2004. Well, let me rephrase that. I’ve not worked for any else since then. I started my own businesses. For the small business person, you can slack off anytime you want. No one is there to tell you to get your work done. But if you have a business that involves a passion, you get up at 5.30am. You’re in bed by 10:00pm. You’ve put in a 12 – 18 hour day 

One of my son’s got his MBA and decided to start his own business. I know there’s been times he puts in 20 hour days. I know the stress is high. I know he will succeed. Why? He’s got 30 people on his payroll now. He depends on them but they depend on him. There is a circle of expectation that drives results. I know he pays for some pretty high priced training to keep himself sharp. (if you never heard of Jocko before, Google him. Just type Jocko and you’ll see him.) 

You know the story about the 3 bricklayers? They were each individually asked, “What are you doing?” The first said, “I am laying bricks. Can’t you see that?” The second said, “I am making $20 an hour.” The third one said, “I am building a cathedral!” 

It’s all in how you interpret your life. 

In the last 62 days, I’ve made a habit of getting up early. I read, write, watch something to improve my dedication and skills. I swing a kettlebell for 10 minutes, I do deep breathing exercises. I plan, visualize and affirm my beliefs. The mind is a powerful thing. 

I like the story about Peyton Manning. Don’t know where I heard or read this. But since high school, he learned to visualize the entire football game the night before. He saw it. He visualized it. It’s been clinically proven that doing visualization exercises improves skill equal to actually practicing. In one regard, by visualizing, you are setting an expectation. By expecting something to happen you are more aware when the possibility arises and you make it happen. By seeing himself completing the pass to the wide out, his subconscious trained his muscles in what to do. So once in the actual game his muscle memory was more acute than had he not previewed the game in his mind. 

Some say it’s the reticular activation system we have inside our brains. It’s like if you get interested in a certain type of car, or let’s say you buy a Kia Soul, you begin to notice them everywhere. Our mind has to filter out 50,000 impressions or data, signals that are not worth our attention. When something grabs our attention, we tend to see that thing, that lesson, that principle everywhere. You can look in Youtube and find many instances of this. 

So today, look at the choices you make. Look at what you are choosing to eat. How much exercise you are getting or not getting. 

Rituals upon awakening in the morning:

When I get to the kitchen, I put on the pot of coffee. Two mugs worth. But I then dispense my supplements. I fill a tall glass of water. Your body is dehydrated after several hours of sleep. I put in a level teaspoon of Vitamin C powder. It’s about 4 or 5 grams. That’s 5000 mg of Vitamin C. Now that makes the water a little unpleasant, so I add a squirt of liquid stevia to sweeten. Take the supplements and guzzle down the full glass of water. What supplements? Thanks for asking. Vitamin D, Vitamin C, EpiCor, True Omega-3, Berberine, Ubiquinol. That’s my regimen for now. It can change from time to time. Then I am ready to start my morning rituals as described above. 

Once 8 or 9 o’clock rolls around, I am ready to make it a great day! I can see it right now. 


Coach Garey

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