Here’s how to double your pushups in just a few minutes.

Practice Deep Breathing.

I read the NY Times article about a heart health predictor: How many pushups can you do? The article states you can worry less if you can do 40 pushups. So I did this:

I took 30 deep breaths in and release some but not all of the breath on the exhale. Sort of a filling up of both diaphragm and lungs and easy on the release. The sequence of 30 breaths oxygenates the body and its much easier to get to 40 pushups. I did have a little difficulty with the last 10 pushups as I have an abdominal strain that was a little painful, but I got through it.

So two things. 1) setting your mind state, your expectation that you are going to do 40 and 2) deep breathing

Here’s a video:

Bonus Video: Autophagy

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