Hi guys we have some good news this morning. There is a now an inexpensive protocol for the coronavirus pandemic. It’s anti-malaria medication. It’s be fast-tracked through the FDA. Another anti-viral drug is also being studied. And lastly, antibodies from recovered patients are being studied and applied to plasma preparations. All 3 medicines are in the works. Along with the social distancing, we are getting a grip on this thing. It’s really a tough slough, I know. Now, the news I really wanted to hone in on is a statement that Dr. Oz made this morning that the greatest underlying risk factor is heart disease.

The virus causes the body to product high amounts of inflammation and that is exacerbating cardiovascular disease especially arteries that are already under inflammation. Now my recommendation is to double your dose of True Omega-3 for the next little while if you were taking 2 capsules a day, take 4. If you were taking 6, you can probably add two more. Just space out the dosing and take your dose with food.

Here’s what Omega-3 does. You don’t just want the Omega-3 molecules in the blood, you want it to attach itself to the red blood cells. In so doing, the RBCs becomes the vehicle by which the Omega-3 antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits get passed to EVERY cell in the body. It’s really important to get a really good dose at least twice a day with food, in peace time, but now we are at war with a pandemic.So do the right thing and take good care of yourself. This is great news we have today about defeating this virus. Go A Team! 

True Omega-3 Options

It could be more than a year before a COVID-19 vaccine is developed and tested to treat the current coronavirus pandemic, in the meantime doctors and scientists with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are looking to drugs already in use for other illnesses to possibly slow or stop the respiratory virus from spreading further.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Steve Hahn said during a White House briefing Thursday that the FDA is examining using a drug called Chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine, which has been used to treat malaria since 1944 and severe cases of arthritis.

Hahn said because the drug is already in use and the side affects are known it is safer.

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