My View on Heart Disease:

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In the article, I didn’t really explain why the article is entitled Slap Diabetes Upside the Head.
It’s really all about facing your fears. I heard a pastor give this example:
“God forbid, I was ever convicted of a crime and sent to prison. But if it happened, here is what I would do. I would find the biggest, ugliest, meanest and most detestable inmate in the prison. I would go up to him and slap him upside the head. Now, I fully expect that I might not live to see another day but either I would go really quick to meet my Maker or I would have instant “prison cred” and no one would ever mess with me.”
So really the point of the example is to face your fears. Whatever your biggest fear is, face it and slap it upside the head. Attack full steam into your worst fear and see what happens.
In facing heart disease, this is what I did. I slapped heart disease upside the head with a few bottles of premium fish oil and I lived to tell about it. No statins, no Niaspan, nothing invasive to hurt my liver. Instead I used a natural process to equalize my blood chemistry.

Dr. Oz and Dr Hyman: Now everything I have learned about Omega-3s was on full display yesterday April 1st on the Dr. Oz show. His guest Dr. Mark Hyman confirmed all the main points:

  1. Americans are severely deficient in Omega-3 essential fatty acids
  2. We consume way too much Omega-6 oils that are destructive and pro inflammatory.
  3. We have to eat much better and supplement with Omega-3s.
  4. Look for the EPA/DHA components of the product.
  5. Don’t be preyed up by false marketing with foods that are enriched by Omega-3s. If they are enriched it means that they are deficient to begin with.
  6. Farm raised fish don’t contain Omega-3s because their diet is NOT phytoplankton.
  7. Wild deep sea fish are best.
  8. Only 5% of ALA Omega-3s will convert to EPA/DHA.
  9. The anti-Inflammatory benefits of Omega-3s encompass your entire body: Brain, Heart, Arteries, Organs, Skin, Hair, Joints.
  10. EVERYONE needs more Omega-3s. Every cell in your body is constructed partially from fats. Omega-3s need to be in at minimum 8% of every cell. Most Americans are less than 3%. You can be tested for your body’s Omega-3 content.

If I can find the video somewhere I will capture it for you, otherwise, I will get the audio for you to listen to.

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