If you belong to the majority of people who have allowed their health and fitness level to decline over the years, you are not alone. A mere 8 % of the population exercise on a regular basis, while the other 92% suffer from declining health because we’ve chosen not to do hours of boring, time-consuming exercise.

simplesolutionsI promised you a way to stay in top physical shape by exercising 16 minutes a week. Before you think this is a joke, I will admit, there is a little deception in this promise.

The 16 minutes refers to the actual time you will spend in actual, full out, hard, hard work of pedal to the metal, 100% effort, should you decide to accept the challenge of exercising in the form known as Peak 8.

Now this sounds ludicrous but the next question is another set up!

Can you exercise, full out, pedal to the metal, 100% effort for 30 seconds?

Of course, you can, that’s not really difficult to give it your all for 30 seconds.

Here’s what I am talking about:

An example Peak 8 sequence is 2 minutes of warm up, then 30 seconds of full out exercise (doesn’t matter what kind, with or without equipment, inside or outside, gym or no gym.) Rest, recovery for 90 seconds, then back on for 30 seconds, and repeat this sequence for 8 rounds. Add a 2 minute cool down to the end of the routine and you’re done in 20 minutes. The actual hard work time? 4 minutes (8 x 30 seconds).

Do this 4 times a week and you have your 16 minutes of exercise to keep you fit in top shape. Clock time for the routine in one week: 80 minutes.

One hour, twenty minutes.

How many hours are there in a week? 168.

Can you spare one hour, twenty? Work hard for 16 minutes out of the 80 minutes? Of course you can.

Let me give you two examples of what this can look like.

I am fortunate my knees still work well at age 59.

I like to do sprints. So my warm up is 2 minutes of power walking, my hard work, pedal to the metal is full out sprinting for 30 seconds, my recovery is 90 seconds of recovery walking to allow my heart rate to slow down. This is also called burst intervals.

down-dog-mom-totAnother example, I have a 25 lb kettle bell. My warm up, 2 minutes of yoga stretches, my pedal to the metal exercise is doing anything I like with the kettle bell, power squats while engaging my core with swinging the bell, or one arm lifts over my head, as many reps as I can for 30 seconds, back to 90 seconds of yoga stretching, down dog, up dog, etc, back to the bell. Twenty minutes, I am winded, I am done. Mentally, I am ready to tackle just about anything.

Powerful rewards!

Now why does this work?

  • Engaging in intervals has some wonderful effects from psychological influence on your DNA to producing a fat burn that can last for hours.
  • Protects telomeres, the tips of the chromosomes responsible for aging.
  • It’s much more efficient that aerobics or resistance training alone.
  • Efficient production of human growth hormone.

But you need to do your own research. Use Google to research ‘peak 8’.

Here’s some links to get you started:



kayakYou can do intervals on a treadmill or a kayak. There are many websites that teach how to do interval workouts and you tube videos to watch.

If it’s true that a minimal amount of exercise can help you live a longer and more healthful life would you do it?


  1. 80 minutes of clock time a week
  2. 16 minutes of committed all out work time per week
  3. A free app called HIIT, (high intensity, interval training). You can set the timer on your phone for the required interval of high intensity work with restful recovery intervals adding warmup and cool down to both ends. Very simple, very effective. And it’s free.

Will you do it?

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