Let’s start this with some hip hop entertainment! In honor of dads everywhere:

Now, I was touched last evening with an early Father’s Day dinner invitation from 3 of my kids.


We went to a favorite Indian restaurant that is hidden and tucked away in the middle of Baltimore. I hadn’t been there in several years and it was a fun time. My daughter gave me a card that said, “The greatest gift a man can give to the world is to be a great dad!” They made me blush a bit with stories of some of their favorite times and little bits of wisdom I come up with. We ate too much with Katrina ending the meal with, “I made a food baby.”

Some of our remembrance went back to China where as a toddler, Christina had been fairly fluent in Mandarin. She mentioned BABA is the chinese word for father. If you remember, this is what Savannah at 19 months calls me. BABA. Her dad is “Daddy.” Grandpa is BABA.  It’s a good time to get a plug in for our supplements that can help keep daddies and grandpas healthy: USE coupon code DADA or BABA on either site and get 20% off. If you call in to order, make sure you say DADA or BABA. Since we are a high quality, low priced, an additional 20% can be a huge savings.

I didn’t realize that my granddaughter Savannah had taken up Chinese even when she’s just learning to speak English… She’s constructing 3-4 word sentences but only one word will be English and we’re still waiting for Amazon to deliver the baby interpreter machine.

So if you are low on True Omega-3 or needs Multi Vitamins or other such healthful nutritional aids, now’s the time to stock up. It’s BABA or DADA depending if you are a Grandpa or a simple starting on your first set of kids. Get the savings.

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Do Something Good For Yourself

I almost forgot to mention, I joined a new gym. It was expensive! About twice as much as I was paying at the old gym. $50 smackeroos a month! Why would I go crazy and do such a thing. Once you go on the tour, you cannot not sign up! It’s just too cool. Two swimming pools. Two hot tubs. Two saunas. Every conceivable piece of workout equipment that you can’t afford or fit in your home. Then you get coaches to help you… And the last straw was that my daughter wanted to join.

So I am swimming every day. I do a few squats with weights. I walk and sprint a little on the treadmill. Then a few laps in the pool, relax in the hot tube. Take a shower…. Man, that’s living the high life! See if you have something nearby where you live to get you in a good habit, a routine, that will eventually become a lifestyle. It’s not your age that matters, it’s what you do everyday. That’s the word.

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