Garey Simmons
Founder, Optimal Health Bridge

Fill up your Stockings with health. The theme for this month of December. Now this slogan may conjure up images of stockings hanging on the mantle above the fireplace and you may think that the slogan is to entice you to use our supplements as stocking stuffers.

But I have another idea: The stockings I want you to fill with health is your own. It’s great to buy some of our products and use them as gifts for family, friends and loved ones. Not a bad idea.

But the main person I am concerned about it is you. I want you to fill your own stockings (your socks) with health. Think about it.

The questions I want to ask is: How healthy are you? Are you more vibrant and healthy now than you were a year ago? Have you quelled the levels of stress to the point that you can enjoy life? Are you spending time with the people who are most important to you?  Are you appreciative of nature and do you take time to take in the beauties of the world around you?  So when you put on your socks tomorrow morning, I would like you to think about filling your stockings with health. It’s a very subtle, little focus shift to enjoy, appreciate, love, spend time with your loved ones. The chink in the armor of most of our loved ones is to share appreciation, look’m in the eye and tell’m you care…

Coming Soon, the Holiday Health Package.

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