There is a big movement in the online world to see who can give the most stuff away for free and not collapse their business! 

Google, as much as I don’t like some of their autocratic ways, have hundreds of pieces of software that you can use for free. Some of it is good, some of it is great and some of it unfortunately is insidious. It’s the way of the world. 

In introducing our new Omega-3 Protocol, I needed a way to help you to try this new way of taking Omega-3s. So I made the best deal, the auto ship deal. It’s the least expensive way for you to get all the Omega-3s you need on a daily basis. We cover the shipping cost for you, and by way of introduction we are offering two bonuses: A $40 store credit that you can use to buy any thing else you want from our vitamin and supplement store. It’s $40 of 100% off coupons. Plus I promised you a free book, The Omega-3 Connection, by Dr. Andrew Stoll, a book that revolutionized my life. This book helped me to dig a little beneath the surface of what Omega-3s can do for human potential. 

I contacted Simon and Schuster looking for bulk sales and they are out of stock with no plans to reprint. So I am going to Amazon to get those books to give away. 

So the Protocol would cost nearly $80 if purchased at the discount prices off the website individually. We shaved off nearly $20 and have the auto ship set up for $59 and change. That is for a complete 2 month supply with an auto refill. 

As with all convenience packages, you may cancel at any time. But, you can lock in at $59.95 and we will not raise the price on you, ever. You will be locked in. 

However, the free book and the $40 credit goes away at midnight July 31st. If you try the $59 package, it’s less than a dollar a day for all three versions of Omega-3. I talk a lot about the commonalities and the distinctions in the article and why I take all three types daily. 

$59 minus $40 is only $19 for you to try your first two months. If it’s not for you, we will cancel the refill at your request. Some people may just want to stay on True Omega-3, some may want only the Krill oil. Some may find the Calamarine to be the sweet spot. Most people, however, I believe, will want the benefits of the blanket approach. 

Now some people just don’t like auto ship plans. Some people do like the convenience. One friend of mine has been drinking the same soy protein shake for 10 years. She gets it sent to her every three months. It’s there like clockwork. If you don’t like auto ships, you can buy the 2 month supply for $67 with a $25 store credit. Or a 4 month supply for $134 and get a $55 store credit. Or a six month supply and get a one time $75 store credit. All of these bonuses end on July 31st. 

Details can be found here: The Omega-3 Protocol Offers

Good health is a state of mind, body and spirit! The Omega-3 Protocol will help your body and mind stay in tip top form. Spiritually? We all have our own way of believing. I can only tell you my experience: It’s the right thing to do! it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

In full health,


Garey Simmons

Order the Two Month Supply on Auto Ship every 2 months for $59.95, get a $40 credit and a free book. Click here.

Bonuses:  I really want you to try the Protocol. I want you to lock in at this really low price. If you sign up for auto ship, I will send you a $40 Credit for Future Purchases. That’s right we are going to give you a 100% discount on your next $40 worth of purchases. That’s how much we want you on this Omega-3 Protocol program!  Credit will be issued in the form of coupon 10 – 20 days after your sign up for Auto Ship. We really want you in the Omega-3 Protocol and we mean business. Omega-3 Connection by Andrew StolleIn addition, I will send you a free book from called the Omega-3 Connection by Doctor Andrew Stoll. This book will change your life. If you decide to cancel at any time in the future, you just call or email Marci. She will handle it for you. The $40 credit voucher and the book are yours to keep. The store credit will expire in 90 days from the date of issuance. 

Non-autoship offers, click here

We have increased our discounts to returning customers, veterans and seniors:


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