It seems just about every day, I hear the same story. “Oh the flu season is going to be really bad this year! Better get your flu shot.” It’s on every news broadcast every day, it seems.

I have never had a flu shot in my life. I say that thankfully. Knock on wood.

A friend of mine recently went out of her insuarance network to see a Medicine Man, that is to say, a Medical Doctor. For $300 this 68 year old integrative medical doctor spent 90 minutes with her going over her blood work numbers and answering all of her questions.

She asked about the flu shot. He said he never gets flu shots.  He doesn’t like the heavy metals.

This is a well-known medical doctor at prestigious Integrative Medicine Department at a Prestigious well-known hospital in a Prestigious City in the USA. In fact, my friend was doing all the right things for her health with one exception. She was working out at the gym regularly doing some aerobics along with some weights just about everyday. She was eating well and was within her healthy goal weight.  Body Mass Index is  in the heathy range.

His only recommendation: Start taking yoga classes. This mystified her. Why yoga?

It was apparent to me. She needed to relax. She needed to quit worrying. Yoga is amazing for its calming effect. I tried a couple of yoga classes in 2005 and have been back every week since then. I love it. It’s the highlight of my week.

Here is my answer to the flu scare: I will take Vitamin D3 every day during the Winter (5000 IU – it’s a tiny tablet) and I will take a single capsule of Epicor every day.  Epicor is my most treasured daily capsule besides Omega-3. It’s kept me healthy since I started taking it in 2006. No colds, no flus.

In fact, I am going to make a very special offer to you:

Option 1: Buy 12 bottles of Epicor for $12 each ($144)  (Reg. $24.95 for a single bottle)  and I will give you an equal number of bottles of Vitamin D3 for $2 each. ($24) Total cost ($168 for a year’s supply of immune system support and protection.  Free Shipping included.  Add to Cart – No coupon needed or further discounts applicable.

Option 2: Buy 6 bottles of Epicor for $14 each ($84) and I will give you an equal number of bottle of Vitamin D3 for $3 each ($18) Total cost ($102) Free Shipping included.  Add to Cart – No coupon needed or further discounts applicable.

Disclaimer: If you want to get a flu shot, by all means, they are available everywhere. Don’t let my story dissuade you. Epicor and Vitamin D3 is still a really good idea with or without the flu shot.

Buy Option 1 – 12 Bottles of Epicor and 12 Bottles of Vitamin D3.

Buy Option 2: 6 Bottles of Epicor and 6 Bottles of Vitamin D3 for $102.

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