Get Rich Fast – Is just dollars and cents?

What does being rich mean to you? Is it just the number or digits in the bank account? Sometimes those with the most investments and fattest bank accounts are living like paupers in the eight other areas of life that may be far more important that the pieces of paper in your wallet or the credit limit on your credit cards. 

The word rich is related to reach. The more you reach out, stretch yourself, give more of yourself, you get more because you are doing more, then you can give more and see how many times you can get the cycle to repeat in these nine areas. 

  1. Personal Riches: Get Rich in your mind. Reach out to learn, commit to be a lifelong learner. Read masterful books. Increase your wealth of ideas. Libraries are free to use and in them there is riches beyond your wildest dreams! 
  2. Physical – Get rich in your body by improving ability to perform. Yes, can you stretch your body to do an extra push up, a pull up, a jumping jack or spend an extra minute on the row machine? 5’8″ kids can dunk on a 10′ rim… he increased his vertical jump by 20″ 
  3. Recreational – Get rich taking some time for yourself. You are recreating when you rest, sleep is part of the renewal. If you are willing to take a break once in awhile, you can enrich yourself by visiting fantastic places, and participating in fun sports, activities. 
  4. Family  – Get Rich by spending time enhancing your relationships with family: Play nice, be nice and lend a hand to those who are part of the family.
  5. Friendship – Get Rich by spreading cheer and encouragement those you come in contact with. Become wealthy with enriching relationships making friends. 
  6. Service: to others, get rich by giving. If you get a dollar can you give back a dime? How can we give back? How can I contribute more?
  7. Career – Get rich being the best at what you do. Adopt a mindset of preeminence and abundance. 
  8. Financial – Get financially rich with money. Money is a reward for delivering value. increase the value you give, money will multiply.
  9. Spiritual – Get rich in faith. Faith is spiritual capital. Lack of faith is spiritual poverty. You get to choose. 

Nine ways to Prosper. Live a richer, fuller and far more prosperous life.

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