Big Toe Syndrome

2015-08-20 15.04.24

Excuse the invasiveness of this photo. But I have been diagnosed with gout. In times past, you would think, “rich man’s diet” or “Henry the 8th” or some such, but high uric acid levels are to blame. I don’t eat much meat. I don’t drink much beer, but the doctor said it can be hereditary.

I take Omega-3 everyday. Generally, I am pretty fit and healthy. But I did trip over a root on a hike last weekend and it may have caused enough stress on my big left toe that the crystals in my blood decided to nest in the joint. The pain from gout which can be severe (Tuesday night was the worst) generally flares up in the evening and actually that is the action of the white blood cells trying to ‘digest’ the urate crystals. All that pain means my body is working hard to defeat the enemy.

The doctor put me on a stronger than usual anti-inflammatory and I immediately cut the dose in half and started on our anti-inflammaroy N-Flam-Ease and also ordered from another company a product called Inflamazol which has an ayurvedic formula for counteracting against purines from foods that leave you with a higher uric acid level.

Inflamazol is not sold in many places but after going through a half dozen uric acid products, I decided this formula made the most sense.

Lifestyle Changes:

  • I am off beer and beef, not that I drank much beer or ate much beef.
  • Salmon is delicious.
  • I am drinking water every hour.
  • I am eating alkalizing vegetables every day.
  • Making sure I don’t consume any sugar whatsoever while I am under duress.
  • I have a list of Alkalizing Foods that I’ll get scanned in soon and add to this article.
  • I’ve also added Vitamin C to my daily regimen.

Health coaches are not impervious to health challenges but I am determined to take action at the first sign of problems when they arise. I will research and make changes according.  No need to over medicate. No need to suffer. I am almost back to a normal gait but I am a bit tentative  putting all my weight on my left toe. Tomorrow I’ll take a little hike.



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